Wednesday, November 3, 2010

your opinions..

Compliments of LVK.  Thanks again woman =p

With that being said, I wanted to address a thing or two.  I know we have fun spazzing and speculating about these two wonderful people but we have to understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs.  It's perfectly ok to express how you feel or what you believe as long as you understand that not everyone will agree with you.  It's all in the name of fun!  When we start calling each other out and becoming defensive it gets extremely personal and kind of uncomfortable.  So, whether you are a Triple S, a die hard Hwangbo fan, or Joongbo-er let's respect each other and not give your fan-base a bad name.  

*Also, I know that it seems like most comments are partial to Joongbo being together but this is Ssangchu Heaven so it's to be expected.


Anonymous said...

to lvk or meme,

this is my first time to post a comment because i feel uncomfortable

where did this come from? i am sorry but i do not understand,, i never see this let us leave the drama somewhere else please

the essence of ssangcho blog was not to limit opinions of others even if it can be hurtful or offensive to others,, i like when community talk about it, negative things are normal on any place and posts like this are okay if i read under the comments not on the whole web blog

i dont like that if this is make the situation big,

looking at the situation or giving attention to it like this just makes it difficult because now everyone sees it instead of it to be solve first where it began

isnt it just one person in the comment section? not the whole ssangcho reader community? why must give so attention and rant? let us just ignore this please and move on

i am sorry in advance but in this post i have to disagree

Anonymous said...

if my english is hard to understand i am very sorry i use google translate on words that are difficult

Anonymous said...

sorry i was think the author is same person but the image is lvk and meme is the writer of this post sorry for the confusion lvk,,,

LvKprogram said...

SH is a peaceful place where the owner of this blog supports both HB & HJ.

Can you see that SH posted all of HJ & HB's activities?

Beside this blog is dedicated to the Ssanagchu couple. So I don' understand why Anon is feeling uncomfortable about?

People are getting too uptight these days!

Everyone...take a deep breaths and take a chill pill alright!


J.J. said...

Hi! :) Congrats as the guest blogger for the month!
Btw I just wanted to push this to you, I check twitter ever so often, though I don't have one of my own. And HB tweeted something to Makenae...
I'll post it here. kk?

Hwangbo rt @HyungJun87 생방에 초대해줘여 새벽엔 게스트없나? ㅋ그래도 가께 옆에서 내 노래 부르고있을께

and Maknae's reply

HyungJun Rt @Estella816 누나오세요~ 환영

meme =p said...

@anonymous-I didnt mean to make anybody uncomfortable. The comment section has been getting filled with bickering messages. I've personally recieved about five emails from five different people asking me to address the fact that it's getting kind of out of hand. People are calling people out and getting offfended. I just wanted to comment that we welcome everyones opinion as long as the situation doesnt escalate...which it kinda has. While negative comments are normal calling people names is a bit out of hand. I didn't mean it to come off like that, I just want everyone to respect everyones opinions. Sorry i apologize f this comes off the wrong way.

LvKprogram said...


Translation from liezle.blogspot

Estella816 @HyungJun87 Invite me for live broadcast, no guest for early morning (radio show)? ke Nevertheless I will go and will be singing my song

HyungJun87 @Estella816 Noona please come~ Welcome

Ssangchudream said...

While I appreciate your efforts in helping to pacify the situation, you know as well as I know that the wankers gonna keep on wanking, the stans gonna keep on hating, and the ship will still on anyway b/c the ship is rocking like a rockstar! \m/

So I kinda agree with the first anon that all this post will do is to push the issue into the spotlight (for example, I didn't know what you were talking about until I backtrack b/c I have procrastination issue :/ ),and cause more disturbance to the force field, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I get it. Just be respectful. Have your opinions but dont call anyone stupid, which someone did. I was a little perturbed so to speak and I didnt leave any of the comments.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked this post. It's not taking sides or scolding anyone. It's just reminding everyone to be mindful of their words. Discussion on Ssangchu is good; personal attacks on fanclubs is not. I appreciate meme trying to prevent further escalation. The first comment seems very sensitive, but I don't see how acknowledging a growing problem makes it worse. If meme had ignored it and just let everyone continue, it would just... continue. Whether she tries to calm people down in the comments section or on the blog itself shouldn't be an issue. That's how I feel.

Anonymous said...

respect.that's what everyone needs.

let's just enjoy this wondeful site!


J.J. said...

oh, thankies! LvK.

Anonymous said...

First comment sensitive? LOL everyone's comments here are sensitive imo

I dunno what to think I am a little bit so-so on this one. I kinda agree in a way with anon#1 coz usually dramas like this stay on forums or other sites. SH kinda back away from that and it just goes away.. :/ When the person who might've offended Joongboers get ignored, they just leave coz no one really cares about them LMAO They don't gotta defend themselves and the thing goes on and on and on :p

I felt like this post was close to being a lecture instead of the usual, how do I say this, peaceful way SH does it or something. I know SH and Meme are different people with different ways of doing things but it takes a little getting used to seeing posts like this in the blog.

And don't get me wrong, I love your posts Meme! Your month has been very interesting. Just this one I gotta get used to though. By the way before I forget again, congrats on your upcoming nuptial with Tommy. His post melted this rockhard heart of mine, and also my mother's, also a die hard Ssangcho fan.

Congrats to LvKProgram also for being the guest blogger of the month! I'm looking forward to your Joongbo arts!

Anonymous said...

How about a "TO THE WORLD" guys?

Anonymous said...


t said...

Always starting trouble Meme. You can't make everyone happy. When someone wants to run their mouth they will. They will take it to every comment box like they have. U did call more attention to it by pointing it out buddy. You tell me to ignore it and it will go away. So let's listen to your own advice. I know u wanted to clean house for lvk but she can handle it. It's time to make an exit! So how about watching Paranormal activity 2 now that you're free!!!

ai said...

I don't think there will be a problem in this blog for ssangchu couple ,if only the couple's fans are reading ... we can enjoy spazzing and commenting to our hearts' content ... however , if people who are not loyal enough to JoongBo will sometimes cause a rift between the loyal fans and the half-hearted fans ... if you don't like what's being written here , why bother to come in the first place ????there are lots of blogs out there waiting for your rant , kekeke !! everyone has different opinions , but I think we all have a common denominator when coming to this blog , and that is great love for HB and HJ individually or as a couple ... so , just relax, take it easy , and enjoy what's in this blog ...thank you for the main blogger ,and guest bloggers ! your hardwork is much appreciated !!!!!

J.J. said...

XD T, I'm gonna miss you and meme combo.
To (the upcoming) wedded bliss.


Ssangchu Heaven said...

Hi guys.. it's me SH ^^;; I really want everyone that visit the blog to have a great time. the reason for having a guest blogger is that, I do not wish for only my thoughts to be in here.. I told Meme to post whatever she wants because there are lots of things that I cannot say/do. What I lack, she has. I do not have the spunk she possesses. ^^;; In this situation, I get nervous when there's a complicated times in the Joongbo world.. It's true that I have backed away from previous scandalous posts like the Hongkong one or the Champagne one.. and while I am very glad the arguments have dissolved, those times was really difficult for me because I really do not know what to do. ^^;;

So I would like to thank Meme for doing this, and I'm sorry I did not do it myself huhu~ I also would like to thank all the Ssangchu Warriors of the World for keeping the peace in the blog... Let's all keep and share the love and happiness, neh? ^^


Anonymous said...

people, let's put this aside! I want more Spazzzzzzzzzzzz hehehe, isnt what this fabulous place for? I haven't seen any spazzz regarding our favourite couple for so longggggg. I'm hungryyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy going to this blog because it's a free-spirited, hopeful, and respectful place to spazz about Joongbo. It rekindles the spirit in every1 of us. Fan or not of the ssangchu couple, one must admit that the times they shared together, whether it was real or fake, was pretty dreamy. So, on that note, I still dont understand why we get people who does not believe in our mantra to come here and ruin the mood. We all get along, we all have fun, and then boom! someone just tries to make it ugly. but thats life, as adults, we can just move on. so, peace and TO THE WORLD!!! ;-)IHeartKHJ

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong or offensive in what meme wrote. It is true, we have the freedom to express what we feel and think, but with that freedom comes responsibility and respect for other peoples' views. name calling is wrong no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous said...

meme=p, *hugs* I really enjoyed your guesting the month of October. I know SH needed help and you came through, for this I commend you. Honestly, I just wanna tell you that during this time, my love for Ssangchu couple was reaffirmed,thanks a bunch.

BrownSugar said...

agree with "ai"...