Friday, July 3, 2009

About 2PM Appearing On Infinity Girls

I think this is pretty interesting!!!


I absolutely love a great LOVE TRIANGLE, SQUARE, PENTAGON, HEXAGON etc etc!!
Hyunjoong's jealous face is hilarious, but I find it so sweeeeet *w*~~

I love 2PM, they're really becoming one of my favorite groups :) Taec -the boy who always sleeps- is eye candy to me, Jaebum's idiotic side is so cute, Nich is an angel, Wooyoung is a clueless boy, Junsu has that voice like OMG he can sing, Chansung -the glutton- is a goofy WOman (watch the shinee episode with them, he looked so beautiful), and Junho has the cutest eye smile!!!

To tell you the truth, I'm sad Nich isn't there, since he's the one carrying all the gossip-related stuff xDDD Nich revealed before that his ideal is a woman older than him, and when asked what age she would be, he simply said, "Hwangbo Noona." ahohoho~~

*insert Hyunjoong's jealous moment*


or worse..


[i really love this fanart xDDD]

...and I just read Wooyoung sees 2 Moohan girls that are close to his ideal! I have a huge feeling one of them would be Hwang Buin o.o (A lot say that it's Boram & Ga Eun, but with Wooyoung's personality, we can never guess xD)

Then Jaebum said that his ideal is Scarlet Johansson, and there's also a Moohan girl that has the same personality as his type. I guess we gotta wait for the episode to know!!


Anonymous said...

GUILTY! im also one of the people who likes love triangles (^.^) its weird how i like it when another guy shows interest on our hwang buin

like you said HJ jealous face is epic rofl. it makes me feel he really has to fight for his love!!

i love them both together and i miss them badly.. JOONGBO TO THE WORLD!

v.heritage said...

Heyhey! I LOVE love triangles! I like guys being jealous for the girl(:

Hahaha, the picture of HJ covering his face is sooo cute!

I miss JoongBo too! I hope they are still in contact no matter how busy they are.

Actually, I think nowadays HJ is not as happy as before...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; that's how i feel exactly *w*~~ it's like a fanfic scene! haha

v.heritage; sometimes i feel that HJ spaces out more, you can check and there are lots of pics of him from the fanmeeting... i didn't include a lot because he either is spacing out, looks sad or just staring blankly. T_T

airelis said...

i think its good that Nich said that,it somehow provokes hyunjoong(if he loves HB) makes him works his a** off to win her heart..i mean HB is a hot commodity okkk!!hahaha she's the super wife..she's just perfect!!

HJ faster!!!!!ur too slow!!!

GaGa said...

Hwangbo is so pretty, in this episode. She's shy and cute too, and she wear the low cut top. Hyun Joong you better watch out!!! She is Hot, other Hot guys are chasing her as well, if you don't pay attention, you may lose her.

Kadd said...

This reminds me of the "Chuseok Special" episode whereby the couples horoscopes were matched and Joongbo got the highest score (92/100).

The comment made was "...lastly the man should always focus his love and attention to his wife so that she’s not distracted by other men."

Shinlang, please continue to be "oxygen" to your Buin! LOL

sarangyo said...

Lady Gaga, agree on you with that. Hwang Bo is soo freakingly beautiful in this ep. you just can't ignore but love her. she's sooo blooming ( we al know why, right?) ahhh to be in love... and I just love the 2 Pm boys they're really fun . Still remember that Idol ep. where HB and BB guested 2PM boys love our Hwang Buin for sure

hana said...

i don't prefer love triagle coz it will cause havoc but, hj once mention that if he likes a girl eventhough that girl is someone gf, he will go for that girl. i hope hj realised his love is for his hwang buin. maybe he looks sad due to his grandmother condition and also he missed hwang buin. i wished i wished :))

leiron71 said...

Hi, Ssangchu... it is my first time to visit your blog thru jena's blog, i read and saw your comment that's why i try to check it out.. I find your blog really nice and interesting coz lots of HB and HJ updates.

So there is someone from other group who really interested with our dear Buin, I hope this will not cause any problem, you know how much we joongboers love Lettuce Couple and we believe and hoping that HB and HJ will be together in real life.. thanks for allowing me to post some comments, good luck and god bless!!

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