Monday, July 6, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong's Date With Hotsun Chicken Participants

Should it be in the Guiness book of records? To be dating 70 girls in just 2 hours? hehe~




grasya said...

Wow, scenes from WGM were included. Seems like everyone is laughing and happy with the answers of HJ. I hope I can understand what HJ was saying...haha

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you very much, I could not count how many times i visited this blog everyday. I am so happy founding your's 2:58 here in japan but still giggling reading and watching Joongbo's pictures and i wish i could understood what they were saying. but even though gives me so much joy. it's highly appreciated

Ssangchu Heaven said...

grasya; yep, coz he said he doesn't like it when girls call him oppa, and much rather have him called "Ya!"

there were a bunch of times Hwangbo called him "ya" instead of shillang, right? xDDD

anonymous; whoa you're from japan? i wish i was there now.. i wanted to watch dbsk perform at the tokyo dome T_T

thank you for reading the blog also *w*~~ that's truly awesome!! i'll post eng subs coz there'sa lot that subtitle ss501 clips ^^

hana said...

oh SH, if only there is english subs, it will send me to ssangchu heaven ehehehe but i still enjoy the clip that u post but i'm really anxious to know what is his comment regarding hwang bo..
joongbo forever...
thanx SH....

Anonymous said...

i hope there is english sub of this video too! :)

rachel said...

everytime his chicken endorsements come up, I'm reminded of Joongbo's 100th day photo shoot and his run-in with some bad chicken. :)

Anonymous said...

who is the girl he is Joong is hugging at in the airport video, looks like Hwangbo from the back but I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

Here's a rough translation from soompi:

HJ: Everyone here comes from places that are faraway from here, enjoy the food and feel
free to talk with each other, although time is limited, I'll answer all the questions to
fulfill your curiosity, feel free to ask, hope we'll have a good time for these 2 hrs.

Q:What kind of CF do you want to shoot?
HJ:As long as it's not repetitive, I'll do it if they ask me to
Q:All of them?(if there's an invitation of cf shooting)
HJ:The more the better, of coz not me alone, after watching this interview, any kind of cf

with SS501 members would be great, hope we'll get more CF invitations

HJ:Yes, Sarangheyo
Subtitle:Ssangchoo Couple who won audience's love via We Got Married-Older bride/younger
bridegroom couple
MC:Hwangbo ssi and you won a lot of fans' support via Older Bride Younger Bridegroom couple
Subtitle:Kim hyunjoong who won noona's heart!
MC:But how about others' sight full of jealousy?
(start to replay We Got Married Ssangchoo couple cuts)
MC:Isn't he cute?

Subtitle:full of noona fans everywhere
MC:there's only one question that noona fans are concerned!
Q:Hyunjoong ssi, you have so many noona fans, how do you feel about noonafans?
HJ:Me?eh.....I don't like them call me oppa.....
Subtitle:high level management of fans
HJ:Just randomly call me Ya Ya would be more comfortable
Subtitle: Ya!Ya!(fans are calling him...)
HJ:En, if younger fans call me "ya, ya", I would be annoyed
Subtitle:you gals know I'm just kidding, right?
MC:I am noona as well, hyunjoong ssi!!

Q:how many years older do you think would be fine for you?(sk comment:i think they referred to girlfriend or wife..)
HJ:There are some fans whose age are two times more than mine.
That's my responsibility to hug them before they leave.

MC:Of coz there're some questions making Kim hyunjoong nervous
Q:which female idol do you like the best?most?(sorry for the mistake, i was way too hyper haha)
Subtitle:shy shy
HJ:Recently there're so many female idol groups, it's a trend eh, like Wonder Girls, SNSD,

2NE1, 4minute, are you asking which one do I like amongst them?
Fans: Yea!!
MC:Kim hyunjoong ssi wanted to avoid answering this question atthe first, yet had to answer

as the fans insisted....
subtitle:who's Kim Hyunjoong's choice eventually?
HJ:Let me think about it and then get back to you
Subtitle:coz I'm an idol myself (comment: really?is that the reason?XD)

Q:have you got the plan for the next drama?
HJ:Not yet
Q:Does SS501 have functions recently?
HJ:Yes, recently I'm participating in a variety of events in the name of SS501, we'll keep

you posted for any upcoming work.

To the audience
HJ:Thank you all for coming to this event, SS501's official Vol.2 album will be released in

August,wish to see you in our upcoming concert held on August 1 and 2, truly, we'll work

harder going forward and I'll become a more diligent Kim Hyunjoong, thank you very much.

grasya said...

Thanks so much for the translation =) This is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work =)

Dabee said...

Thanks so much! for making my daily dosage of SH, and my day!! lol.

Anonymous said...

which female idol do you like the most?

HJ: let me think about it and get back to you (lol, is it because in the contract u cannot see anyone else as woman? i wonder what u think in your head 4d shillang)

angie9705 said...

Thank you so much for sharing this...I'm so happy after watching this video....I miss HB and HJ :/