Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Netizens, "Kim Hyunjoong looks different now!"

Credit: k bites

Recent photos to SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong and also known as ‘Korea’s JiHoo Seonbae’ after being casted for the hit drama Boys Over Flowers earlier this year have been circulating online.

[Click on full article here for all the photos, there's a lot.]



* “His nose! Looks different!”
* “He looks the same to me”
* “He looked better before his plastic surgery”
o “He never did”
o “I like both – before and after!”
* “He looked tired”
* “He looks more like Bae Young Joon now”

Hmmmm... He doesn't even have time to sleep recently because of SS501 tour promotions, how can he go and get surgery + healing time??

I believe this is all about MAKEUP. (I love makeup xDDD) and I think his makeup for the Hotsun Chicken event was too dewy, and it looked like he was too oily. ^^; (I love you Hyunjoongie but it's true) On the pictures posted by many netizens, he has a more matte look.

About his nose: You can't always have the same contouring of the nose on each makeup session, so it will look different. I do this when my mom asks me to do her makeup so I should know xD You can make your nose look thinner by using a darker colored powder and sweeping it on the side of your nose with an angled brush. You can also make it taller/narrower by using highlighter on the bridge of your nose. ^^

Here's a photo with his family ^^ His handsomeness clearly comes from his parents.. and his younger older brother looks like a pretty boy too ;p




claire said...

I read this earlier and got irritated by the netizens. They always try to dig up pointless things about artists!

The last picture of his family is very beautiful, this is the first time I saw HJ's Appa and Umma, the little bro looks like Yul-Goon from Goong lol!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong mother looks like Hwangbo, their styles are similiar. Don't you think so ? Men subconciously would look for a wife similiar like their mother.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

claire: all celebrities know some netizens are some hardcore and would dig up everything about them.. it's a sad reality..

hihi~ i lvoe the family picture xD HJ's beauty runs in the family!~

anonymous; i sure hope so!!~

anonymous; totally agree with you!!! ..and also men subconciously look for a wife that has the same attitude or abilities like their mothers. HJ told before that his mom treats him well and cooks for him even if she's tired.. just like hwangbo ^^

airelis said...

he looks like his mother!!
awww so cute!!
i dont think he underwent any surgery
he looks the same
some people really need to get some glasses on
i think he looks soooo handsome!!

Anonymous said...

haha if im not wrong, i think thats his older bro :D , tho he looks younger

hana said...

he looks just the same to me eventhough his make up during the fan meeting for hot sun chicken is too oily n he looks tired.. but he is definitely cute as always with his beautiful smiles that's take my breath away :))

Anonymous said...

yeah i think that is his older brother. read it some where that he is the younger child. HJ for sure looks like his mom. i think netizen really have nothing to do. he looks the same just tired.

Azel~DBsujuSS501 :] said...

i agree..
it's all about make up :].
and he gained weight now that's why he's face looks healthy now :]


omo omo!
i wonder,,
how old is he's younger brother :]]??

that's one perfect family :]]


Ssangchu Heaven:]
are there any updates about the paper crane project??..

i wanted to join that one too..
but id on't know how to make it :[


aw well

JOONGBO fighting!~~


Anonymous said...

He did do his nose. Its very obvious but so what???? he looks tons tons tons better with the new bridge. Has anyone seen Kwon Sang Woo pics before his nose job. He'll never get work if he looked like he did...

the procedure rhinoplasty is very common in korea and rest of Asia. No big deal. I can tell he had it done and probably insertion through top of mouth precedure as I work in a aesthetics clinic.

Anyways kudos to him for wanting to get a better look. Frankly its no big deal becos most artistes in Korea do it anyways.

SS501 all had massive work done. Hyung Joon, Jung Min esp. its OK.

Anonymous said...

i think these netizens have no life digging up crap like that. i don't believe that he went through any surgery. it's in-logical!!! just like what SH said, how could he have enough healing time?!

Anonymous said...

I think all SS501 boys has done somthin to their part of face (nose, eyes, etc)..and fans should not worry bout this kind a thing,,
Im a die hard JoongBoer and HJ fans..but its no biggie for me..
He and the boys look better that before..and they got a better job too...
Beauty cost,beauty pain,,
But in my heart I'm hoping for HB not to do any PS, you're gorgeous the way u are girl..its okay to do botox..don't go overboard..
Arasso unnie??
I'm such a contra am I..

Zzang said...

In the family picture,
He is older brother who is right next to HJ only 1yr difference with HJ....
currently he is in the army...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

airelis; he got his eyes from his mom right? so pretty...

anonymous; you're right o.o!!!! i've always thought HJ is the youngest for some reason!! xD

hana; i love his smileee!!

azel; yep yep! he looks healthier now so his chubby cheeks are coming back hehe~

the crane project is still ongoing~~! for updates you can check joongbo addicts forum since it's divided into different countries ^^

anonymous; it's obvious that JM & HJB did it, but on HJ case im not sure... sometimes i think he did, but when i see his baby/teenage pics, he looks the same ^^;;

well if he did it doesn't change how i think of him one bit, since like you said, plastic surgery in korean celebrities is kinda normal ^^;;

anonymous; netizens are crazy lol

anonymous; HB doesn't need it xDD but she did admit on having botox xDD.. she's a natural beauty!!!

zzang; oooh!~ thanks for telling me!~~~ *w*~~

cati_21 said...

1. netizens are crazy
2 how can he get surgery when he is soooo busy
3 he is just following the look of the boy in HB's cyworld! hahaha

angie9705 said...

He looks like his mama...beautiful family....He's very talented no matter what surgery he did it doesn't really matter....His brother looks cute too...

HB doesn't need to do anything....I just hope she keeps it natural....Botox is not that bad at least she didn't keep it as a secret unlike other celebrities....

Tracy said...

NETIZENS really need to shut up!

I believe HJ is a natural=] He looked the same to me...he probably look different/more mature because he got a little skinnier, so his face feature is a little different...and beside, your nose looks different when you smile and when you don't smile...DAMN I hate NETIZENS!