Saturday, July 4, 2009

Infinity Girls With 2PM Screencaps

Right now it's 2 in the morning and I just finished watching the show!! I made quick screencaps for you guys! (Sorry for the kinda low quality-ness, this was the only file on clubbox that I found for now)

This is such a cute episode, it's killing me!!! There are a lot of Chansung+Hwangbo moments! *faints* Don't get me wrong, I WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE LOVIN' JOONGBO. Chanbo is just,... a sidestory.. haha. I just really love LOVE TRIANGLES xDDD

Oh and here's an interesting fact:
Chansung's full name: Hwang Chansung.
2PM members sometimes call him "General Hwang" xD

..and like what I said in the past post, in this episode, there are multiple of scenes that reminded me of Joongbo!!!

The hug!!!!! oh my goodness ♥_♥


..and the piggy back AHHH!.. couple tees.. AHHHH!!!!
hwangbo's arm on his chair lol.. and the last 2 pics here are so cuute!


Whispering to each other!!! AHHH!
Just like the time Hyunjoong & Hwangbo were whispering to each other during the blind date..


They were doing a limbo where the guy carries the girl.
[The pole reminds me so much of what they used during the Ssangchu Olympics!]

dancing together. check.
carrying the girl bridal style. check. TT____TT


There was a time Hwangbo was pushing Wooyoung, and Chansung was at the back holding her.
I wanted to get a screencap of that but that bit was too fast for me to catch without blurriness!


Sorry it's not much in detail, my body's telling me to sleep already so my brain's nearly not working right now! haha~

I'll edit this tomorrow!!!
Good night!! or should I say morning? xD~~~


Anonymous said...

that was fast!

thanks for the caps, appreciate them loads =^^= Buin looks breathtakingly gorgeous and i admit they make a cute couple :x -gets punched by hyunjoong-

sarangyo said...

yeah, HB really looked sooo lovely in this episode, love the color of her hair and I'm thinking tv is gonna be smashed again lol somebody's gonna be jealous again what with the skinships. really our lovely Hwangbo is an idol magnet but cuz she's such soo honest without pretensions and so good to work with idol's nuna.. thanks for the screencaps

Dalisay Cruz said...

hwangbo looks great... i swear she looks younger than girls that are 10 years(or even more) younger than her... i wonder if anyone is going to upload this episode of moohan girls on youtube... does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

^its already uploaded by My479m..
U can find it on her YT channel...
Btw I'm loving this couple too...
*runaway from Hyun Joong punch...

hana said...

oh pls pls not create another couple that includes hwang bo, my heart do not accept it. to me it is always joongbo huhuhu...
oh my, when can we see the signs that HJ n HB is a couple???

Anonymous said...

LOL...ChangBo...they do look cute together,,relax I'm still JoongBo-ers forever and ever...
@hana..dun panic girl...they just meet like 2 times (idol world and IG),,compare to Jandi-Jihoo they were quite massive..
Have a heartache too when I see that jandi girl and HJ shippers spazz about them..
But well only we JoongBoers know the truth and the real deal rite..*winks..


Anonymous said...

Hana - don't worry, just keep believing! SH did this post for fun :p

Anonymous said...

aww...she looks good with anyone...they would look cute together too!

rachel said...

i haven't watched this episode yet, but the pictures look like she's in 'Noona Mode'. *fingers crossed*

looks like infinity girls is really capitalizing on her WGM success as "the older woman" with other idol groups.

joongbo forever!

yeisha said...

i'm looking at this pics and all i can say is: poor tv, smashed to smiteerens by HJ! hahaha.

HB looks gorgeous and yeah, they do look great together. HJ better make a move soon..there's more than a dozen of other idols lining up for his buin's affection. *wink*

still, JoongBo forever!

Nicky said...

The piggyback scene makes me sad because of hwangbo's expression. She seemed too sad, perhaps thinking about someone

Missing JoongBo so much!

Anonymous said...

she reformed her t-shirt like how huangjoong would. >> V neck.
<3 =DDD

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; *gives you an ice pack for the hyunjoong punch* LOL

sarangyo; she realy does attract lots of idols!! and iove her hair color.. i might dye my hair like that too haha~

dalisay; they are now on youtube, just search for infinity girls 2pm and the vids will show up :D

anonymous; you'll get punched by hyunjoong too? xD *gives another ice pack* xDDD

hana; don't worry dear, like i said the chanbo is just a side story from the joongbo love story ^^

anonymous; oh gosh, where do i start with HJ + other girl couples? TT__TT I dunno why if it's hwangbo+other men, it's alright to me, but when it comes to HJ, im like HELL NO! You're just for Hwang Buin!!!

anonymous; hehe yep, it's just for fun :D

anonymous; i think it's because they've been on another show before, so it's more comfortable with him

rachel; haha yes, yes the Noona mode! not the typical Noona, but the one like in "Noona's so pretty" by shinee lol

yeisha; i hope it's not a hotel TV! that would be trouble lol

nicky; that's what i thought too.. like.. "hyunjoong gave me a piggy back ride before too.." T__T~~

anonymous; haha~!! that's true!

rachel said...

I love that she's still wearing her secret code ring!

Anonymous said...

how come i feel like she is not that happy. like this is working, she control herself a lot. i watched her in x-man, love letter, and WGM too and i can't find funny, laughable HB in this show. does any1 feel the same as me?

Anonymous said...

hwang bo and chansung are years apart but they look good together, they have the eurasian look.she goes well with any guy.

eLe-miLa said...

Her code ring secret!! The t-shirt modificated "V"

I really miss JoongBo!!

But like u SsangchuHeaven I love Triangles!! jjajajaj So i love this IG chap.


PD: also look this

His have a white bracelet (that photo was 4 July) and HwangBo have black Bracelet (And I really didn´t see her with that kind of thing before) :D

Anonymous said...

SH, i was like you before, i was unfair with HJ, i dont like other girls to come close to him, i was jealous for HB for like 1 min :) but with HB, i'll actually cheer for her and whoever.

But I changed, now im unfair to both of them :D with HJ and other girls - andae! andae! with HB and other boys, andae! andae!

oh my.. im turning into a monster!

Anonymous said...

the SCR is very prominent from these screencaps.. is she telling that tv-smashing-freak "this is work ok? see, i have it on" to appease him?

hmm.. i think i need to go see her other shows if she's consistently wears her SCR when with other boys.

Anonymous said...

i have this ultimate wish at the moment.


if we all chant for this, will this come true?

or they may not consider it, they dont want dead joongboer bodies all over the globe. can someone inform them that we resurrect every after JoongBo-induced death?

Anonymous said...

hahaha...ChangBo... cute couple... love this IG episode..

I'm a joongbo addict.. miss them..

Anonymous said...

Oh! i want SS to appear in IG too! :D

Anonymous said...

hope we can see ss501 as guest in Infinity Girls. what would that be like...mmmm... wink wink

Anonymous said...

me too.
let's make a petition for that.
is that ok?

anyway,if that happens,
IG ratings will rise up so high!
to the world!!!

eiwa86 said...

the reaction of HB when piggy backing is different when she wif HJ.She smile n lough a lot when HJ piggyback her....

Thanks a lot ssangchu heaven. U make me remember a lot of JB moment^^

J'me said...

Who gave Buin the secret code ring..
i ve e feeling Buin doesnt really like to be in a couple.. mks me happy..
i feel ok wif 2pm with other IG..

leiron71 said...

all pics are good, but i still want HJ for HB, they are really fit to be together... :)

cati_21 said...

hugs for the caps!
i havent been online for 2 days hahaha.....hwangbo looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i was a little concerned about this Changbo pairing... that is, until i realized he's like 19 years old.

so the show pairing them together is cute, in that noona kind of way, but a little creepy to think they might share something like HJ and HB.

to the world!!

soul said...

is youtube showing this together with english sub?i cant find it~~

angie9705 said...

HB she looks lovely and younger...I really love the color of her hair and it would look better if she grow it longer...

bluehaert said...

Hi. Do you know where can I watch the eng subbed version of this ep? I have been searching everywhere. :C

fudgeorange said...

Hello, I'm trying to be open-minded, objective and stuff... but you know what... joongbo's facial expressions during WGM were really priceless -- and exclusive to each other... still the best. :)