Friday, July 3, 2009

Just saw the IG W/ 2PM!

OMG OMG OMG. A friend of mine called me, telling me I gotta see the new IG episode FAST. SUPER FAST. I just saw some parts on YT, but right now I'm using my phone so I can't make caps! But I can just spazz a bit!!

I don't want to watch this if it's not in HQ, so I just skimmed through the parts, BUT OMG!! WHAT'S WITH ALL THE CHANSUNG+HWANGBO SKINSHIP??!

I'm going crazy!! Is what I'm seeing right? It's like they reincarnated the skinships Joongbo made! (except the kiss thank goodness!)

1. piggy back (ssangchu olympics)
2. chansung carried hwangbo bridal style (pool scene)
3. chansung back hug with hwangbo!! WUUUUT!! (they never had a back hug TT__TT)
4. hwangbo whispering to chansung (blind date with young masters)

I'm in the car on the way home right now, and it's 12:10 in the morning!!!! My clubbox would be on fire once I'm there LOL

Expect lots of screencaps and spazzing coz when it comes to these things I can't help it!! I'm gonna see if 2pm subbers will sub this, if not I might do it haha~!

Okay I'm out!!!


claire said...

Hi, I'm a resident lurker of your blog. I feel so sorry about depending on your updates and music links but I never thanked you.. Thank you so much for everything!

I don't really comment much but I have to comment on this one. You're so funny! I was smiling the whole time reading this! I kind of wish you will spazz more ;)

I watched the whole infinity girl eppi on youtube and i feel you on that one. there is a lot of skinship :o i wonder what shillang would think...

Anonymous said...

oh my really? i'm gonna watch now, chansung was my crush besides nickchun.

Anonymous said...

cannot find it?? whats the name of the video?? please? hehe...

Anonymous said...

omo omo i dono that the episode already aired and in youtube now. wow! i dont expect it soooo soon. thanks for the heads up. love u much. off to watch it now!

and here's the link anon;


hana said...

emmm....i hope those are only according to the scripts coz i worried, really worried of too many skinship between hwang bo n other men. eventhough, it bring back all those sweet memories between HJ n HB but there are no signs at all from our shillang emmmmmmmm.......
but Hwang buin is definitely beautiful..

Ssangchu Heaven said...

claire; you're welcome.. and thank you!!

haha you just read my spazzing mode.. sometimes when there's LOVE overload, i go crazy and type spazzy things xDDD

anonymous; mine is taec and nich!! ahohoho~

anonymous; type infinity girls 2pm on youtube, there are a few people who uploaded them already ^^

missauditor; i didn;t expect it so soon either, i was so shocked!

hana; shake off your worries~~~ the joongbo love is too powerful to be broken by just this hehe!

soul said...

is there any videos of inifinity girls with 2PM with eng subbed? i only found those with no subs~~

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo usually so pretty. She's wearing the secret code ring