Friday, July 3, 2009

Hyunjoong's Gifts From Hong Kong Joongboers!

Credits: Elsa106@Baidu Ssangchoo Island + sammikoo@soompi

1. guitar + paper cranes + family vow


2. another guitar + paper cranes + family vow


3. ..and a letter in the bamboo for Joongbo!!! :DD~~


I wish I can meet Hyunjoong and Hwangbo too so I can prepare gifts as well.. but they never go to Chicago T_T

BUT... My target is the Hollywood Bowl next year!! *evil laughs*
I hope SS501 will be there and hopefully by that time I have saved enough money xDDD



Anonymous said...

For all of your hard work I think we should all contribute for your ticket to the Hollywood Bowl!

Anonymous said...

im planning to go to HB next year also SH! Hope to see you there, kre?

Dalisay Cruz said...

wow... the joongbo fans from HK did an awesome job with the gifts... the gifts are all very thoughtful and that's mighty generous of them... joongboers dedication to hyun joong and hwang bo totally amaze me..

hana said...

great n full of love..those gifts are totally sincere from their hearts for HJ n hwang buin...
hope this will make them loves each other more...
joongbo, to the world!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; haha! thank you, but no need for that ^^ instead you can contribute on official joongbo groups for international gifts to them WOOOTZ!

anonymous; yayy! i really hope ss501 will be there.. and dbsk, and suju.. 2pm.. omg that would be too awesome!!!

dalisay; what also amazes me is that they touched a lot of people from different countries *w*~~

hana; the last one is for the two of them.. i wonder if Hyunjoong will show it to hwangbo hehehe!

Anonymous said...

in that pic, their look are the same. In my culture, they said husband and wife looks alike. Hope the saying is true so i can celebrate that special day with joongboers.

airelis said...

hollywood bowl?
like seriously??
count me in!
i'm gonna start working my a** off to save some money
i just wish all the Joongboers can meet will be fun!!

angie9705 said...

OGM, when is Hollywood Bowl??? I live 2 hours drive away from Hollywood, I can't wait....I really want to see them too.

I really like their family pic is my very fav pic of them.

rodeline said...

How I wish that SS501 would come here in the Philippines sigh sigh sigh ... It drove me crazy that Hwang Bo was here in Cebu and only a handful joongboers came to see her. Is there any official joongboers group here in the philippines? I wanna meet you guys pm me at