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Joongbo Episode 9 Quotes

Episode 9 Quotes

HJ: Isn't it delicious?
HB: Yes, it's delicious.
HJ: Yaaaa~ I took care of the food today!

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo wants to mop the floor...

HB: You have to follow me.
HJ: Yep~ *sees the robot vacuum cleaner* I think it'd be better to follow this guy!
HB: It hurts my pride that I can't even win over a machine..
HJ: Well of course humans can't win over machines.
HB: But humans are the ones who made the machines!
HJ: They made them so they'll do what humans can't.
HB: But the machines are still made by the humans!
HJ: But humans used to be monkeys...

HJ: I'll make the tablecloth.
HB: Do you know how to make one?
HJ: Pretty? Okay!
HB: *laughs* What okay?

HJ: Why suddenly move? Now we have so much work to do.. You could've made a loan to keep the house.. If only we didn't use that much water during the housewarming party... Because of the high water bill.. *sigh*

HB: You have to save money while you're young.. Look at me, I lost all my money after I met a younger husband!

Hyunjoong glued pictures of food onto plates and placed them on the dinner table.

HJ: I'm sure you'll like it.
HB: *sees it and laughs*
HJ: Why?
HB: I'm going crazy.. Do all of these ideas just pop in your head? I think you went to a good kindergarten.
HJ: What?
HB: I think you went to a good kindergarten.
HJ: But I never studied in a kindergarten~
HB: *laughs* This is so funny!!

Private Interview

HJ: You'll feel full just by sitting infront of the table.. I've always wanted to make that kind of table. As you know our new house is a very good house but later on if we've become poorer, we can always feel full without having a meal. We can also change the dishes according to the seasons. During summer we can glue a cold noodle picture, and during winter - hot buns!

HJ: I was supposed to do something with this cloth...
HB: You wanted to do something with it?
HJ: Ahhh~ The sewing is not over yet!
HB: Why?

Hyunjoong put on the cloth.

HJ: *stares at Hwangbo* Do you want to make you a gown?
HB: So that's what you wanted to make?
HJ: I don't get it as well.. *laughs* I don't know why I want to make a gown. *sings* "No matter how I think about it, gown is.." It wasn't a gown.. Shall we make a gahun? (family motto)
HB: *laughs* I'm even tearing up..

Private Interview

HJ: Actually... It was 6 hours ago.. I was planning to make a gahun. The fabric is perfect for it. So I kept on thinking, "Gahun..gahun..gahun.." and it then became "gown", and I forgot about "gahun".

HJ: Let's make the gahun!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: "Money and events, come to me!"?... "The event of my life.."
HB: "The event of my life.."

HB: Shall we say it out loud?
HJ & HB: "The event of my life! Events, come to me!"

HJ: I'm going to Japan!!
HB: You're happy?
HJ: No I'm not..

Hwangbo folds Hyunjoong's clothes for Japan.

HJ: I'm gonna take them out anyways...
HB: But the difference is.. when I look at a man who's very untidy and dirty, I usually blame his wife. I don't want people to blame me!
HJ: It's okay. I don't understand Japanese.
HB: But the young masters will blame me..
HJ: They wouldn't scold people because they're idols~
HB: They'll be thinking about scolding me.
HJ: What's the handkerchief for?
HB: Because you might get sad tomorrow because you're leaving me. *laughs*

Private Interview

HB: The weird thing about this show is that I know it's make believe but it feels real. When I was folding his clothes.. it felt a little weird folding his clothes. I don't like airport luggage! I'm okay with other luggage but I just don't like airport luggage.. It gives me a feeling that someone's going away..

HB: So you're really happy to go to Japan?
HJ: No I'm not.. Can't you see how sad I am right now?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'll get going!
HB: *laughs* Where are you going?
HJ: I'll be at the airport in advance!

Private Interview

HB: Even though he was only kidding.. When he said "I'll get going!" made me feel sad. I was sad that he didn't seem sad at all.

HJ: I'll give you my photo...
HB: A photo?
HJ: Yes, I have this photo.
HB: You want me to keep it?
HJ: Yeah *gives her the photo* It's the original copy. I exposed my ears because it's for the passport.
HB: Oh~ So you're showing them because it's for the passport?
HJ: Yeah
HB: You look really innocent. I can keep it?
HJ: Yep~ Look at it when you feel sad.. Three times a day!
HB: I'm feeling sad right now..
HJ: Then look at it!
HB: Thank you.

Hwangbo writes Hyunjoong a letter while he's filling up his mini pool.

"Hyunjoong, have a nice trip to Japan. A man who does well when he's away is a real charming man!"

While looking at the floating toys in the pool...

HJ: He's the diver but he can't dive!

Hyunjoong went to the room and tried to memorize the song "It's fortunate" while folding a crane for Hwangbo. But because he said he was going to the washroom, and ended up being there for 30 minutes, Hwangbo thought that he was being insensitive again when he knew he was about to leave for Japan soon.

HB: What were you doing?
HJ: I folded a crane...for you.
HB: What? So you were folding that? You could've folded it here... Why do you have to fold it in the room? I'm trying to understand you, but I'm sorry.. I really can't.
HJ: Because I have my own way of folding it. I just didn't want to reveal it.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: They said that with a thousand cranes, your love will be forever.
HB: That's why you folded it?
HJ: I'll finish the other 999 cranes in Japan...
HB: I want to understand but I can't... *made the crane float in the pool*
HJ: Oh it's floating!
HB: Of course it will!
HJ: But it sank when I tried it..
HB: Tsk.. *takes the crane out and placed it on top of a shelf*
HJ: On my way back...
HB: You were in the room just because of this? I'm so frustrated! It's so frustrating.. You really went there to fold this?
HJ: Yes.
HB: I'm so frustrated..
HJ: Because I have my own way of folding it!
HB: But that still makes me so frustrated!

Private Interview

HJ: I've been folding cranes for about 10 years now. I have pride in my own way of folding, But I'm guilty of a lot of things today...

Q: What kind of guilts?

HJ: I couldn't play the piano.. I even forgot to wear the vest she signed to Thailand! I didn't say anything because I was guilty. I'm scared she might scold me... Now she shows her temper since we're closer. *laughs*

HB: Try being alone here!
HJ: Honestly.. I was memorizing lyrics by writing it down.
HB: The lyrics of the song?
HJ: *stands up*
HB: You really memorized it all?
HJ: Yeah.. I even wrote it down!
HB: I don't think you did..
HJ: Listen carefully, while looking at the crane. The wet crane..
HB: The wet crane~
HJ: I'll sing for you.
HB: Okay.
HJ: I'm sorry couldn't play the piano..
HB: *smiles* Alright..
HJ: *sings "It's Fortunate" by Lee Juk*

Private Interview

HB: The lyrics were very good.. "He's saying those words to me.. Is he saying that to me?" I don't think I've seen him sing a solo before... I believe he haven't sang for anyone before, but he sang for me because he couldn't play the piano. It felt really good that he was trying to do something for me. In the past I couldn't even imagine receiving something like this from him. But he gave me his photo and sang for eme.. I think he has changed a lot, and I'm glad that I've gained the confidence that I can change that kind of a man.

HJ: Should I buy you presents from Japan?
HB: No.. Don't waste your money.
HJ: It's not a waste..
HB: *smiles*
HJ: Is there anything you want?
HB: From Japan?
HJ; Yep~
HB: Do you know the shower towel? The thing that you wear on your head? I have one at home but it's too old and the rubber string is worn out. That one, and a soap box. The box where you keep the soap.
HJ: A soap box? Alright. That's all?
HB: But that's too much!
HJ: Make it three.. Three~
HB: One more? There is something that I want.. but it's weird to ask you to buy it.
HJ: What is it?
HB: There's a disposable underwear. It's disposable!
HJ: Underwear?
HB: Yeah, the disposable kind.
HJ: Okay, three things.. I'll find them! I'm going to Japan just for a while..
HB: It only takes 2 and a half hours to go there! I can always go to Japan if I get bored.
HJ: Yes, come and visit!
HB: Alright, I will... But I don;t think I can call you in Japan..
HJ: I'll call you everyday in Japan. I'll call you everyday!
HB: Okay~

Hyunjoong's video message for Hwangbo

"Annyeong! I must be crazy greeting you with just a "Hi!" (He used informal speech). I'm sorry. Hwangbo... Hwang Buin.. Hi! I'm in Japan. By the time you're seeing this, I'm sure you've found out what I was thinking of during that day. I'm really sorry.. and I will buy the items that you wanted as I gave you a promise. I can remember them well because I was a little bit scared... The soap box, the disposable underwear and the thing for your head! Also, I'm gonna learn how to cook a Japanese dish. So don't be sad while you're waiting for me, as you know I couldn't be in the studio with you today, but I'm sure my passport photo will be right beside you! Look at my photo and I'll be with you soon... I won't skip it anymore! I'm sorry.. "


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