Monday, July 6, 2009

Hyunjoong With Joongboers From Hong Kong + Extra Picture!

credit: talting@Baidu + sammikoo@soompi + ssangchu heaven

On the last SS501 fanmeeting in Hong Kong, Joongbo fans had the chance to take pictures with them. I read on soompi that one fan from Ssangchu Island was interviwed by the media ^^

The banner, the joongbo shirt, HYUNJOONG'S EXPRESSION!!! xDDD


He's holding the banner himself (^.^)v


Hong Kong Fans are truly great!!!
..and the pictures in the banner are my favorites *w*~~


[Dazed Hyunjoong? muahaha!! It was fun putting hearts all over his face and Hyunjoon's expression is priceless!!! xD]


Anonymous said...

i hoop that he know that we love them so much to the world

Anonymous said...

its seirously mad how joongboers are all over the world everywhere ss501 goes. now even if HJ forgets to think abt buin, he'll get reminders! :D

hana said...

yeah, joongboers will reminds HJ of his love, hwang buin.. nad we hope they truly loving each other :))
thanx SH

Anonymous said...

HJ is wearing a ring on his wedding finger!!?!!

hana said...

is it a signifant sign if u wear a ring on the wedding finger?
sh, i've a favour/request from u, could u pls, give me the link to download the songs ie hope your love live will always be happy n falling slowly. thanx a lot

rachel said...

i love the other members' expressions, especially Jung Min. nice to see the group is still indulging us Joongboers.

Anonymous said...

i think i'm gonna cry T_T i wish i was there also because i'm also in hong kong..

the last picture is hilarious! lol young master hyun joon makes the funniest expressions!

hana said...

SH, it is really cute of u to add those hearts around him n yes, hyungjoon expression is priceless n sending him a message too ehehe
aaaaaaaaaaaa...makes my day...

Anonymous said...

totally fantastic,DJ's facial expressions are aowesome,high Ssangchu Heaven! AJA! TO THE WORLD!

Azel~popoLove said...

it totally rocks :]]
i mish joongbo soo much :[[
i wonder ..
when will they be together again??
:aih.. imiss them soo much :[[

SH, thanks for everything!
without you we woudn't know what's going on with our beloved joongbo couple!

JoongBo! Ssangchu Heaven Fighting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong must be thinking,, Buin is soo yepo, can't wait to go back to Korea~
LOL..pardon me for my major Spazz..
I seriously loved this two,,
Its just like Romeo and Juliet (minus the death please), the greatest love story yet the ending is still on going..


v.heritage said...

HJ is smiling yeah!

Mrs. Kim♥ said...

ssangchu heaven is the best!
this makes me more emotional...
i really miss joongbo... :(

angie9705 said...

I hope that Joongbo will realize they have fans all over the world waiting for them to be together again... I support all the Joongboers to remind them both of the love and happiness they once shared .......and hopefully we will get our hope to see both of them together again....