Friday, July 3, 2009

Hyunjoong At The Airport + Hotel Photos


Reminds me of "I'm Sorry, I Love You" haha,
[if you watched the drama you would know what I'm talking about ^.~]





I seriously, seriously don't like his white sandals TT___TT
Wear your high tops, sneakers or even just normal slippers Hyunjoong!!



hana said...

well, i believe he wears the same sandal from taiwan to hong kong...
SH, that is fashion ehehe

Anonymous said...

i don't like those white sandals too. hahahaha
it looks so girly hahahaha

Ssangchu Heaven said...

hana; lol yeah he did ^^

but i dunno, i really don't like the look..

anonymous; EXACTLY!!! strappy sandals on men is a no-no haha

Anonymous said...

so who do you think knitted the sweater????

J'me said...

Missed HJ...He dun smile as often as b4...sighs.

sarangyo said...

aww the knit top is killing me... we all know who loves to knit right?

huifen said...

haha. i kinda like the strapped sandals. but i tink it will be quite stinky to wear it to warm countries.. haha.

yes my sentiments exactly!
the knitted shirt:)

", said...

the knitted sweater reminds me of MISA.the one im soo jung was wearing was blue when she first met so ji seop and ran hid bhind the dumpster.