Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korean Wave Festival 2009


Wootz SS501 & 2PM will be there!!
I'm imagining a Hyunjoong + Chansung face off lol!!


blackclip said...

dint think about that hyunjoong's and chansung's face off when i see that both groups are going (x
i can't wait to see the 'interaction' between them :} lols

Anonymous said...

lol! amen to that! hahaha

Anonymous said...

wish that we can see jealous moment on his face. i love to see HJ jealousy.

hana said...

dear SH, pls explained what kind of festival is this? tq
p/s will it be attended by all artists of korea or just a tv event...

cati_21 said...

ill be expecting a heavy tap in Chansung's back! hahahaha