Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong - #2 Best Singer Turned Actor


[This poll from dcinside was conducted from June 30th to July 7th.]

  1. Rain (7,941 votes)
  2. Kim Hyunjoong (6, 757 votes)
  3. Lee Seunggi (4,472 votes)
  4. Kim Jung Hoon
  5. Lim Chang Jung
  6. On Kyesang

and lol!! Rain, Lee Seunggi and of course Kim Hyunjoong were all linked to Hwangbo xDDD
All 3 sang for her wohohoho~


airelis said...

they were all linked to hwangbo?
i know rain n HJ but lee seunggi too??
she really is one hot commodity!!
hwangbo = perfect woman!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I like HJ,,I dun think his acting is good..
He need a loooot moreee to learn..
Somehow I got the feeling he's getting the poll just cause his looks (but it doesn't hurt though) hehehe..

Liezhelle said...

Hey there!

This site is pretty awesome! I'm lucky to have this on my searches list as I was looking for WGM JoongBo episodes with Eng subs, and Im so thankful I found this one... many thanks! I have much words to comment on but it feels like this window is not enough.. I'll post another some other time.

by the way, I'm from the Philippines. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually..its 4 of them..
1. Rain >> The infamous 'HwangBi' couple
2. KHJ >> JoongBo ofcoz^^
3. Lee Seung Gi >> The memorably 20th century boys serenade in X-man..
4. Kim Jeung Hoon >> They encounter couple times in X-man (she called him hyung)..
And I belive the list goes on and on and on...
Our gurl Hwang Bo is just..simply The Best...