Monday, July 27, 2009

ASTA Special August issue Scans


Preparing for the Tour!!!!!!
Hyunjoong's looking healthy and fresh recently!!~~~




tahrehsi said...

OMG, I see my PRINCE<3 Young Saeng soooo cute... SCREAM like a FANGIRL ^__^

Joong Joong oppa is getting those MUSCLES back again.... *Drools*

kayleeny said...

oh my... HJ looks mighty fine!

cati_21 said...

HJL looking sooo fine again!.....

hana said...

hi SH, wow so many recent posts from u on ss501 n joongbo... really makes me happy n hoping all the best for them and also for u my dear for keeping up the hard work of yours in giving us the latest newa of them. u r my angel..
btw,may i know where r u from? coz u always mentioned that your time zone is weird? tq