Monday, July 20, 2009

[English Subbed] Crazy Over Japanese/Korean Music!

credit: SuperstarSubbing

Part 2 l Part 3


soul said...

anyone realised at PART 2 at 6:31 when da MC is saying hyun joong drawng is scary in chinese (kong bu)..hyun joong asked back da MC and pronounce smth like HWANG BO.. haha.. then when da MC corrected him it is "kong bu" then HJ like..ohh... was he thinking of hwang bo tat time? XD

khely said...

i think he says something like "kong pu" not Hwang Bo.. and the MC corrected him and says "kong bu"..

soul said...

haha..i know they was not saying about hwang bo..wat i mean is da MC pronounced smth tat sounds like hwang bo..will tat make HJ think of hwang bo tat time..sorry for the unclear comment :p