Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SS501 Cakes

These are from the Hong Kong fanmeeting ^^





jackie said...

Man does cakes look yummilicous!!! Hong Kong Fans went all out!

huifen said...


hey watch this!
0:11 to 0:15
there's this person who look so much like hwangbo!!! the hat and the shirt! and can see hyunjoong peeking at the 'hwangbo' when he saw the camera coming!!
omg i am so excited!!!

also arnd 2:37 to 2:38
the 'hwangbo' person appeared again. but dont really look like hwangbo!

help me see!! :D:D

Ssangchu Heaven said...

jackie; the moment is aw it i actually went to the cake shop near my house xDDD.. i got a cookie though lol

huifen; AHHH! i remember this, but sadly it;s not Hwangbo T___T 9how i wish it was...) the hat reminds me of her "mature" mv ^^

pao said...

wow! hk fans are awesome! the cakes look delicious!

huifen said...

how sad.. it reallie looks like her from the 1st scene.... like seriously!! so sure it isnt hwangbo??