Saturday, July 25, 2009

[English Subbed] SS501 On Starry Night Radio

credit: ibreathelifemusic
(I'll update this post when the other parts are uploaded ^^)


elisa c. said...

thanks for posting these vids! ssangchu heaven, you are a godsend! :) im truly grateful for all the hard work your exerting for this site. :)

MarieKim said...

i agree with elisa, i love this interview. there's continuation to this right? oh, can't wait!

i especially love the part where HJL was whispering something to HJB. oh, so cute! i love it when they have their usual "bromance" thing going on. and i agree with Park Kyoung Lim they became hotter. this made me remember their episodes of TYFRM and TYFWUU. I love SS501!

Thanks for sharing the videos again SH!

MarieKim said...

i forgot to say that the StarryNight play was really funny. My favorite part was HJL shouting "GRANDFATHER!". haha! can't stop laughing.

cati_21 said...

omg.... JM said Go Eun Bo as in Hwang BO whahahahahaha