Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong - Please Be Good MV

The third part of SS501's musical drama is out!!!
Past parts: One, Two.

How I wish a real solo MV would be released, so I can see the "I'm sorry OHHHHHHH!!!!!~~~"
It's in the teaser but not in the MV T__T


kayleeny said...

ahhhh! the collection album just arrived today! :D sooo happy! <3

Azel~ said...

if killers were that HAWT i will be willing to be killed by them x]x]

soul said...

i don really understands what is da MV talking about...anyone mind to explain abit?

Christine said...

I was sort of dissapointed because I got too engrossed with the sneak preview and forgot that the collection had DRAMA MVs. I was expecting a longer version of that hot singing and dancing Hyun Joong. :((((((

I also wish for the NOT DRAMA version.

Anonymous said...

Uh...I don't quite get it either...lot of very confusing violence. Of course the guys are hot!...but it's like a bad dream with hot guys. I'm not asking for bubblegum lightweight stuff...and management is probably trying to add a tougher more grown-up dimension to their image..but...I think I'm slipping onto the side of not loving the meanness of it all...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

kay; ahh yours arrived today?? mine will arrive in two weeks huhu~~ i want time to go faster lol

azel; true dat! xD

soul; you actually have to watch all 3 mvs to understand it hehe...

christine; yeah.. the teaser really teased us!!! esp they released filming videos and pictures.. i was expecting the whole dance version =_=

with the "im sorry OHHH~~`!!!!"

anonymous; i think the boys want to have a manlier image also.. Triple S started it with UR MAN, and now the solo collection.. i wonder how the next album would be *w*