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Joongbo Episode 8 Quotes

Episode 8 Quotes

Riding a truck to their new house...

HB: First time we met I was driving a convertible, right?
HJ: I was waiting for the convertible to come!

HB: Because I caught a cold, my voice is funny.
HJ: That's alright. You sound more girly.
HB: *laughs* You're making me speechless again...
HJ: I'm just kidding~

HJ: I have three things I'm worried about..
HB: What worries? Tell me, I'll listen.
HJ: I'm sad because I lost my phone...
HB: Ah, you lost it?
HJ: Another one is that I lost my shaver, so I couldn't shave.
HB: What's the third one?
HJ: I'm out of hair rinse.. (to condition your hair and take off hair products)
HB: *laughs*
HJ: That's why my hair looks so stiff. I need to buy one.

HB: *puts a paper in the mailbox*
HJ: Why are you putting your gum in there?
HB: I didn't! It's paper!
HJ: You're bad...

HB: We have to move these things. (all their furniture to the new house)
HJ: These?
HB: Yeah, I purposely didn't call the helpers.
HJ: That's okay, I'll call them now.
HB: *laughs*

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo enter their new home.

HB: How is it? You think it's nice?
HJ: Whoa... But.. my pool..
HB: Hmm?
HJ: What about my pool?

Private Interview

HJ: I think Buin is having financial difficulties.. In the past I used to consume a lot of water, but now I have to stop wasting it.

*a bug suddenly flies by*

HJ: *gets scared* Can you catch it for me? I'm really afraid of bugs..

Hwangbo brought the big banner of herself to the house saying it is important since it will chase away evil spirits.

HJ: *holds up the banner* This is the Indian Buddhist Master.


Hwangbo is looking at the fanmade "The Love's Should & Shouldn't" poster.

HB: We lived with each other for a month now, have you followed any of these?
HJ: "Always be positive."... When I lost my phone in Thailand, within a minute I accepted the fact that I lost it and smiled.

After carrying the big white sofa to their house...

HJ: *falls down*
HB: What are you doing?
HJ: We need our neighbor's help.
HB: I told you not to ask our neighbors.. The neighbor might be a woman. No way..
HJ: I miss Unit 407 Freckled Ajumma..

Private Interview

HJ: She's like a general.. She has only one follower but she can control him well. I thought we couldn't bring in the sofa, then I followed her instructions. I just did what she told me and the sofa was already inside!

Hyunjoong placed their Love Pledges inside the glass table.

HB: It's our museum!
HJ: Yep!
HB: When we're quarreling, we can look at this...
HJ: We'll break it!
HB: Break it?
HJ: No~
HB: It's always a joke to you! Aish..

HB: Do you know why your wife slept at 5am?
HJ: You slept at 5am?
HB: Yeah..
HJ: Why?
HB: Come here.. *puts on the scarf she made for him* Do you like it?
HJ: Yeah, I love it~

Private Interview

HB: I even have a cold... Even when I was in a shooting, I made it during break inside my car. Even during the lunch hour... But I still didn't finish it when I came home, and that's when I caught the cold. I was starting to feel that I may have a fever, but it's a relief I finished it on time.

HB: So I made the scarf.... Is that it?
HJ: Yes..
HB: Oh, my head...
HJ: I'm just kidding~ The piano.. I had no time to practice...
HB: I didn't want to expect anything anyways..
HJ: Hmm?
HB: I didn't really get my hopes up.. You were busy working in Thailand.
HJ: That's right... but I do have something for you.
HB: What?
HJ: It's from Thailand.. I bought it for you.
HB: Really?
HJ: It's really cheap there. Jaaaan~~~
HB: This is for me? *smiles*
HJ: Yes. It's for wrinkles.
HB: *pouts*

HB: So you didn't practice piano at all?
HJ: Yes I did but... Well now I can play it more handsomely..
HB: *laughs*
HJ: ...I'm sorry.

HJ: Since I can't play the piano, let me sing a song for you.
HB: Okay.
HJ: I'll sing for you.
HB: Alright..
HJ: "It's Fortunate"
HB: What? It's fortunate that you married me?
HJ: Yes.

Before singing for her..

HJ: AH!!!!!!
HB: What's that for?
HJ: Tuning~
HB: *laughs*

HB: *coughs*
HJ: Are you sick?
HB: No, just in case I might interrupt your song.
HJ: Okay...

HJ: "Since I can touch your hair~~"
HB: Touch my hair.
HJ: *touches her hair* So you used a hair rinse!

HJ: Can I take a picture of you? I'm leaving for Japan soon...
HB: I forgot about that.. Now I'm sad... Are you happy you're going to Japan?
HJ: Of course!
HB: *falls down laughing*

Private Interview

HJ: I have a passport size photo. I'll give it to you. This.. *gives it to the producer* Please tell her that this is for her if ever she gets lonely... and tell her that I'm sorry.

Q: Have you ever given your photo to anyone before?

HJ: Yes. I gave it to my coordinator. But this is the first time I'm giving it to a person I like. "Look at the photo when you miss me." That,.. I haven't done that before. I'm not like other people who sell their own photos!

HJ: *holding a hat*
HB: That's a winter hat. I think you can wear it with my scarf as well.
HJ: Do you want me to wear it?
HB: No~
HJ: Alright. I'm gonna wear it~ I need to wear this hat too.
HB: Why?
HJ: People might recognize me.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'm also gonna wear the vest Buin made for me.
HB: *laughs* Where's that?
HJ: Buin.. Wait a minute.. I'm really sorry but my dog pissed on it so I washed it and your signature got erased.
HB: Really? *looks* Omo!
HJ: Can you sign it again?
HB: Okay.
HJ: I'm sorry... My dog still pisses and poops everywhere.

After Hyunjoong went to a store to buy food for Hwangbo since she said she was hungry...

HJ: Medicine..
HB: What?
HJ: Two tablets for this, and one for that. They're cold medicines.
HB: So you went to a pharmacy?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: But you said I sound prettier when I have colds.
HJ: I didn't say it sounds prettier..
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I said it sounds more girly, not pretty.
HB: *laughs*

Private Interview

HB: I told you he was very detailed. If you look at his Love Pledge, he wrote that he'll find medicine if ever I get sick. He could see I was sick while we were reading the pledges again. I don't really say that I'm sick even if I am, unless I faint, it's not that bad. I was just happy that he was there beside me... But then he bought medicine for me. I really appreciated it and I'm very thankful.


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