Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I love Joongbo fanfics you have no idea... ♥♥♥ allseouldout.blogspot.com recently has a contest for MVs and fanfics! I wanted to join but I know my skills on writing or mv making is not good ^^;

Right now the fanfics are up for download: http://allseouldout.blogspot.com/2009/07/fanfic-links.html

Just thinking that I have new fanfics to read is so wonderful T___T *tears of joy* Thank you authors!!~~


I recommend reading these two lovely fanfics here also, they're not in the contest but I ♥ them!!
Since we're talking about fiction, I also want to share my online favorites, not Joongbo related but will melt your heart ♥_♥~~ These are all one-shots, but packed with GOODNESS!
***I'll update the links on the news and photos soon, I don't really have as much time recently^^; I'll get around on the music too since I changed them all again haha~!

Nyt nyt~~!


cati_21 said...

aww im loving PROMISE too! hahaha
getting crazy over it! Episode 13 is so priceless!

Mrs. Kim♥ said...

hi sangchoo heaven! i love fanfics..LOL thanks for these recommendations...

Anyhoo....i know you're a dbsk fan...i'm just wondring, if you can give ur recommendations too for dbsk fanfics...if you happen to have any...

more power SH! this blog rocks!

GaGa said...

Hi SH,
I didn't know you are one of the reader of Promise, I'm ydwlai (GaGa). I'm happy you like the translated version of Promise.
I always come to visit SH for all the goodies on Joongbo!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

cati; IM CRAZY OVER IT TOO!! xDDD I always check soompi!!~~

mrs kim; ahhh i remember you asked about the blogs on another post ^^ i don't think you saw it ^^;;

for english sites, you should check out sharingyoochun.wordpress.com, dbsknights.blogspot.com, http://iscreamshinki.net/ :D

lots of DBSK UPDATES!!!~~ woootzzz!@!!

Gaga; OMG! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!? THIS IS AWESOMEEEEE!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful fanfic and taking time to translate it :o!!!! I am in love with the story and always check the thread like a mad woman haha!

Thank you for visiting the site!!! I'm so sorry I don't get to post thank you's... but truly, I am so grateful!!!!


Claire said...

I was planning to read the joongbofics first but decided to read "Move Me" first since it's a one shot.

All I can say is WOW. Thank you so much for recommending it! Beautiful, made me cry, very heart warming! It's funny because while I'm imagining the characters, I thought of HJ & Buin!

tahrehsi said...

hahaha, I see my fanfic. XD thanks for posting it. But yeah, I still havent read the PROMISE, since I'm currently working on a new one.

MarieKim said...

Oh my I just love love PROMISE. ow I wish it's the real thing. Can't wait to finish it!!!

Mrs. Kim♥ said...

SH, thanks a bunch! for the dbsk sites recommendations! im having major shinki info overload now...waaahhh! i heart it!


Anonymous said...

wow recommend more fanfics!
that 4 fanfics u recommended were great!!

Anonymous said...

I can't login/register... can anyone help?? thanks