Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SS501, To Release 5 New Songs From Their Official 2nd Album at Seoul Concert

Credits : avalo@joynews24.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Male group SS501 plans to release 5 songs from their official 2nd album, which will be released in August, during their Asia Tour Seoul concert.

SS501’s company revealed “In the 2 days from 1st to 2nd August, they will release 5 songs from their official 2nd album during their Asia Tour Seoul Concert to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium. These songs include their title song and the follow-up song.”

In addition, he added “SS501 is currently having their pre-concert rehearsal at Jangchung Gymnasium hall where we’ve set up the same stage layout as the actual concert. In order for the new songs not to be leaked out prior to the concert, the rehearsal was done with thorough security.”

This concert would be SS501’s first Asia Tour since their debut. They hope to have a performance where they can be close to their fans, so in response to SS501 members’ suggestion, a protruded stage was formed allowing audience to be able to see the members from a close distance wherever they are seated at.

Meanwhile, fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, etc, will be visiting Korea in order to attend to first concert of SS501’s Asia Tour.


mmoozzii said...

does anyone know when ss501 are holding their concert in singapore? and how many shows will there be?

tahrehsi said...

Maaan, if I just had money.. I would fly to Korea in a heart beat, just to go see them perform
@ their first asia tour concert. :(

elisa c. said...

waaaahhhh... i want to go so badly!!!