Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joongbo Episode Download Links

Joongbo cuts have been requested by many ^^
I tried uploading the cuts on megaupload but they always seem to fail =_=;; I don't know any other sharing sites where I can upload 300mb worth of file either..

BUT!!! Quainte subbed WGM also and they have a clubbox where you can download Joongbo episodes 9 to 28!!!

(In Korean! You can only use this with Internet Explorer and you have to install the software. But seriously, you don't need to know Korean to understand how to download. ^^ You just gotta click the blue/light blue buttons :D, Installing takes only 2 minutes and IE is fine. This is such a great, great site to have especially if you watch dramas, variety shows etc!)

Also for megaupload links of the files, you can go ahead and visit Quainte's Multimedia Library.
Hope this helped :D~~


Anonymous said...


lotipanget said...

hey, i just wanna let the others who have problems downloading the joongbo episodes know that they can download it using the website.. just play the videos that are available here in ssangchuheaven's blog site in dailymotion's page ang then paste the link in the box in that's what i did for my videos...

hana said...

my dear, i'm sorry, i'm unable to download the cut scenes of joongbo, i tried to download from the link that u recommended but still i failed to do so... oh oh pls pls help me...thanx...

Dabee said...

hey lotipanget, thanks for the info! i tried your method, works perfect!!!! now i can watch them when i'm offline as well! so excited!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; you're welcome ^^

lotipanget; but the problem with that is that it won't be HQ ^^;;

hana; did you use internet explorer? if not click on the "Quainte's Media Library" (You have to register first) and megaupload links are there ^^

dabee; woot~~!

leslie16 said...

even though it isnt HQ, could you help me do it the way lotipanget did? i downloaded the thing from but im not sure where im supposed to put the link of the video at? help please

Dabee said...

leslie16, i don't think u need to DL any program frm this is how i get the video downloaded (though it's not HQ).

1. click on the ssangchu episode, it is supposed to load the video in dailymotion website.

2. copy the link on the dailymotion video (e.g. ssangchu episode 1 -->

3. paste this link in the under "URL" (this is located at the top of the webpage.

4. click on the "DOWNLOAD" icon to the right side of the URL.

5. the page will reload, and "download links" will appear below (in green bars)

6. proceed to download (follow the instructions on the reloaded page)

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi SH. I'm one of those who made an earlier request for help in downloading joongbo cuts. I've registered already at quainte's multimedia library to download through megaupload so from here how do I go about downloading the cuts? Also want to say Chongmal Kamsahamnida for updating your blog background music. Had a couple of requests there as well. You are so JJANG! Your website is truly indispensable to all of us JoongBo lovers.

Anonymous said...

Just want to edit my previous post. I already found the download links on quainte's website. Thanks. I'm a happy camper!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

leslie; hihi dabee made a post for ya ^^

dabee; thank you for helping ~~!!!

anonymous; xDDD i see you've seen it already hehe~ im glad it worked out for you ^^

..and thank you so much!~~~

Anonymous said...

hi lotipanget~ tnx for the keepvid info! it worked well 4 me. tis very simple 2 download ^^... but i can't seem 2 access the site anymore ^^;; do u know any other safe download sites like keepvid? other DL sites are way complicated!! tnx a bunch~!! long live Ssangchu couple ^^