Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hyunjoong & Hwangbo Recent GIFs

Infinity Girls

OMG. She's so gorgeous!!!



Uh-oh, Buin!! You're wearing a dress with holes again!
Hyunjoong might break his TV xD


Taiwan Fanmeeting

Finally he's gaining weight!! I like this Hyunjoong better!



Credit: daum + ss601


hana said...

wow hwang buin is so sexy..but without those holes, buin is also sexy n maybe she should do without holes ehehehe so, that hj will not smash the tv injured himself, oh pls don't, becoz now shillang is getting healthier n looks much it due to buin taking good care of him? hope so.. :))

Ssangchu Heaven said...

hana; when i saw the holes on her shirt, i instantly remembered how hyunjoong despises too much skin exposure xDD

hana said...

yes SH, hyunjoong definitely despises that... but as what she said in one of the WGM episode, she only wears that kind of dresses when she has to perform...
but i hope that will not keep them from loving each other :))

Anonymous said...

that's right! he did mention about the "holes on her outfit" lmao

our overprotective shillang.. HAHA!

rachel said...

i miss seeing joong bo together.

any chance buin is in the general vicinity of her shillang while he's on tour with the young masters?

cati_21 said...

just like me! hahaha
that was the first thing that came into my mind....
hahahaha... another tv will definitely break!

ashleytan8 said...

Hwang buin looks so pretty!!

Poor hyun joong. His tvs!

eLe-miLa said...

Poor TV!!! jejejej

She is so pretty!!!! and He is so hot!

angie9705 said...

I'm happy that I can see HB smiling and happy.....I wish I can see both of them sharing laughter together again.....