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Joongbo Episode 7 Quotes

Episode 7 Quotes

Because Hyunjoong is doing an event in Japan, a big photo of him was placed in his usual seat during the We Got Married studio taping.

HB: I still feel awkward with just his photo..
*everyone laughs*
HB: It's strange...

Lee Hyukjae: Do you miss him a lot?
HB: Yes... He's on my mind.
Lee Hyukjae: What do you wish to say to him right now?
HB: Can't you call me? *laughs*

At the diving area..

HB: You gotta do it once. Can you do it Hyunjoong?
HJ: Me? Throw something in there then and I'll go and get it.

Crown J: The younger guy should dive first!
HB: Eyyy~~ The senior should do it first!
Seo In Young: Show them how it's done!
HB: The person who suggested it should do it first. What if he gets injured in his age? You want me to become a widow?
HJ: *laughs*
Seo In Young: You worry too much..

HB: Show them your fantastic body! *taking the off his vest*
HJ: Aigoo!

After Crown J dives, Hyunjoong goes to the platform.

HB: You're going to do it?
HJ: *makes a hand gesture directing her to the platform*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Why? You wanna help me?
HB: *laughs*

Before Hyunjoong dives..

HB: Fighting *massages his back* If you get hurt, tell me!
HJ: *dives*
HB: There's nothing he can't do!! He can do everything..
HJ: Buin! *points to the pool*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Jump in!
HB: I can but I'm worried about swimming out.
Crown J: Don't worry, Hyunjoong is right there! This is the chance to hug Hyunjoong!
HB: Do you think I'm desperate to hug him?
Crown J: Yes you are!
HJ: It's alright~~!
HB: It's alright? *laughs*

Hwangbo then goes on the platform.

HB: This is so scary!
Seo In Young: Are you going to jump just to hug him?
HB: *shouts* Yes! He's waiting for me!

(In the end she didn't jump xD)

Private Interview

HJ: I didn't want her to jump. Her bikini would've fallen off if she did... I didn't want that so it's a relief. But if she decided to do it, I was there and I'm ready to catch her.

HB: My husband got injured! He's bleeding! Why did you ask him to jump?
Crown J: I can't even see it!
HB: I can see it clearly!! It's magnified!!

Hwangbo puts a blanket on Hyunjoong so he won't get burned by the sun.

Seo In Young: What an eyesore...
Crown J: What an eyesore! What an---
HB: Yes we are the eyesore couple!!!

While playing beach volleyball..

HB: *smashes the ball*
Seo In Young: Why smash it?
Crown J: What's wrong with you Hwangbo? You're a girl!
HB: My husband likes it~
Crown J: Hyunjoong, you like that?
HJ: Yes, power spike!
HB: *laughs*

The home phone suddenly rings...

HJ: Who's that?
HB: Go and answer it.
HJ: But I'm pretty sure no one knows our house number yet...
HB: Is that Crown J?
HJ: *on the phone* Yes...Yes.. I understand.
HB: What's it about?
HJ: It's our neighbor.. She's asking if you can pull out your car.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yeah, your car is blocking hers.
HB: Really?
HJ: It's Unit 407's Freckled Ajumma!
HB: *laughs*

Private Interview

HB: The funny thing is, the ajumma sounds like a real person. At that moment... Why is it so funny? I was imagining about Unit 407, but he said it very seriously. It's very contagious... His charm is that he'll take me to his own world. If he says, "We're not in Korea.".. I'll believe him. If he is selling some products, I'm sure I'll buy them.

HJ: Do you want one? *holds a squid peanut cracker close to her*
HB: I only want the peanut...
HJ: Hmm?
HB: I like the peanut part..
HJ: You think this is a clam? *cracks the squid shell*
HB: *laughs* You're really doing it?

HJ: I want to make you a peanut necklace.
HB: How can you think of such thing? How can someone come up with that?

HJ: This is for you... *puts the peanut necklace on Hwangbo* Eat them when you're hungry.
HB: Thank you.. *eats a peanut cracker*
HJ: Start on the first line!

Private Interview

HB: Oh my.. Because people might think I'm silly... New arrival shoes?... A ring?.... Squid peanut necklace is the best! *laughs*

HJ: What's that?
HB: Gypsy style shirt?
HJ: Oh it's pretty!
HB: I did good, right? *puts it on Hyunjoong* It's kinda loose..
HJ: I think it's fine~
HB: Isn't it pretty?
HJ: Yes, it's pretty. *takes it off*
HB: Then why are you taking it off?
HJ: Because it's nice.
HB: Then keep it on..
HJ: I may spill ramen on it..
HB: *sighs*
HJ: I'm going to Thailand tomorrow and I'll wear it to the airport.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yes.
HB: I'm gonna check!
HJ: Go ahead~ I'll wear it to the airport.
HB: You said it.
HJ: Then using the marker...
HB: Signature?
HJ: Yeah.. Since you have the South East Asia feel, I'm sure it'll be alright.
HB: *signs*
HJ: Oh it looks like a maker brand! Giorgio Hwangbo~
HB: *laughs*
HJ: It's really like a maker brand...
HB: Then send me a picture message.
HJ: But I still don't know your number.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Can you give me your phone number?
HB: Of course *laughs*

HB: You're going to Japan after going to Thailand?
HJ: Uh-hmm..
HB: How can you think of your wife when you're so busy?
HJ: I'm not lying, but I do think of you at least three times a day.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: When do you think of me the most?
HJ: When it's near the filming day.
HB: *laughs* Because you're scared?
HJ: No, because I'm looking forward to it.

Private Interview

HB: I think it's very fun. The conversations we have are really fun, and I feel like we can save the world. *laughs* I look forward to it. You can't achieve this even with hypnosis.. I think it's an amazing ability to move a person with just words. And I just knew about his ability to do that. I think it's interesting... What's in his mind?

HJ: Like now, to have her only looking at me, happily laughing... Even with little things I can do.. I want to be the groom that can make her smile.


Anonymous said...

peanut necklace...
hj vest - HB present for HJ birthday....
freckle ajumma....
brings back all joongbo sweet memories...:(
only GOD know how much i miss them..~

hana said...

thnx a lot for the beautiful quotes.. now i really really understand the conversations for that episode n i'm looking forward for the next quotes for the next episode :))
joongbo forever...

shinigami711 said...

no matter how many times i watch wgm or read quotes to their heart feels warmth and i cant stop smiling :)
i love joongbo!!
to the world & universe ;)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; the peanut necklace scene is one of my most favorite parts of wgm *w*

hana; i'll do the quotes faster from now on!! and im having fun watching the episodes again haha~

shinigami; we get sucked into their world lol

rachel said...

i liked HB's private interviews for this eppy, especially when she's talking about HJ's freckled ahjumma. She was totally cracking up, which was funny to watch.

"squid peanut necklace is the best!"

hana said...

oh SH, i love u for your u for a million paper cranes.. well, no heart feelings for the person who sub the episodes , its just sometimes the english subs do not make sense so..your quotes really make me understand the conversations better..thanx a million
joongbo forever
p/s i love listening to the songs in your blog eventhough i don't understand them ehehe

Anonymous said...

i miss joongbo.. badly..

Anonymous said...

wwaaaahhhhhhhh...these bring me back sweet memories...OMG..I MISS THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER...many thanks SH for these...mwah!



cati_21 said...

dear i think you forgot the part where HJ was eating the peanuts and asked Hwangbo if she liked some she said she only eats the inside of the peanut.... hahahaha
but thanks for posting the translation!
it brings back good memories... and "peanut necklace is the best" is one of my most favorite JOONGBO quote of all time! hahahaha

Ssangchu Heaven said...

rachel; lol! she had a hard time keeping a straight face xDD

hana; no problem ^^ and LOL! i listen to japanese/chinese songs too, but i don't understand them haha..

anonymous; me too TT__TT

marites; heeeyyyy! thanks for the joongbo pics in cebu philippine *w* hehe~ and you're welcome :DDD

cati; that's right O.O i liked that part !! *goes and edit it right away*

Anonymous said...

peanut is my favourite snack. when shillang made the peanut necklace, i really hope my boyfriend will make one for me without me telling him such.

peanut necklace is really a surprised gift. i like how buin responded to shillang when he gave her the necklace and how shillang asked her to eat the first one. buin was just like a little girl in front of shillang. how sweet they are.

Anonymous said...

peanut is my favourite snack. when shillang made the peanut necklace, i really hope my boyfriend will make one for me without me telling him such.

peanut necklace is really a surprised gift. i like how buin responded to shillang when he gave her the necklace and how shillang asked her to eat the first one. buin was just like a little girl in front of shillang. how sweet they are.