Friday, October 15, 2010

back where they belong...

I'm pessimistic by nature.  I always weigh in the bad before the good, that way I can be prepared for almost anything.  So when dealing with the Joongbo couple, I always think of the worst case scenerios.  Despite all the coincidences and spazzes, I understand that there is a possibility they aren't together and their communication may be limited.  However, before I get too depressed, I go over the facts or at least what I know to be true and I feel a little bit better.  I know they enjoyed each others company and if their farewell address is indeed sincere, they deeply cared about each other, as friends at least.  I'm a big believer in fate, maybe the timing isn't right but I believe everything will come to a full circle.   

So for the moment, Hwangbo and KHJ may not be together and for whatever reason they may not communicate.  But with Hyung-jun and Hwangbo being on the same show, what are the chances of KHJ not catching at least one episode?  We know he is supportive, right?  And what are the chances of Hyung-jun not mentioning Hwangbo? 

KHJ and Hwangbo were partners on a show for about 8 months.  Those memories are not easily erased.  So, maybe with all the exposure, all the memories will come rushing back and they can pick up exactly where they left off =p

And for those optimists out there who believe they are together already, maybe one day when both of them are more secure in their career paths, they'll come out and yell out to the world that they've found happiness in each other.

Either way we both win!!!


Anonymous said...

well said meme

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the chuseok special and it kind of connects to what is happening right now.

The part where they did their horoscope/couple compatability accdg. to their birthdays and it said that KHJ should give more attention to his wife so that she wouldn't go to other men.

The commentators joked that KHJ's rival would be one of the SS501 members.

After watching Midnight Idol, coincidence? or not?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if HJL will think of HB as he heads to Jeju for this honeymoon with JSM in Playful Kiss. But then again I think it's sad cause it will be like a third honeymoon in the same place but now with someone else.

fudgeorange said...

I think I get what you mean meme =P have similar sentiments. I was also quite skeptical from the start, but I left room for possibilities & sincerity...after all,non-verbals speak a thousand words.Thanks for sharing that POV. I was inclined to believe that they probably decided to "part ways" and leave it up to fate-- or no strings attached. I just hope that they listen well to their hearts, they probably already got what they wished for, but just too afraid to acknowledge it.

"I'm a big believer in fate, maybe the timing isn't right but I believe everything will come to a full circle." - true!

I think they left their story hanging...they weren't "ordinary partners" - they practically almost "lived together" for a while -- and had an idea of each other's personality. They just didn't expect they would eventually "gel."

@anonymous: I know.. that chuseok special -- weird, but the fortune-telling stuff there.. check it out again. ;) also about the "international" stuff.

I heard a quote from the two guys (wgm alumni) in one episode "fate did not only bring us here, we also wished for it." or somethin like that..

fudgeorange said...

Thanks again for sharing that POV meme =P

very well-said. :)

Didn't shillang also tell the audience at the last part of the interview -- to support buin too? :) (hahaha, events come to us!!!)

why did I get this weird feeling he was quite confident during his "message" at mt. halla? was he talking to his future self?

HB gave him good memories... she also gave the best she could during their WGM stint. She was his all-in-one girl. I guess he'd also like to keep up and be her all-in-one guy. :P

J.J. said...

Oh Meme, I don't think you're pessimistic, pragmatic probably (I don't know we're not too acquainted yet. ^_^ ). On anycase, if they were/weren't together before, what's stopping them in the future, yes? All else aside, no one can deny she was a big influence on him and he gave her a gift of perspective. It may not be as grand as actually being together, but in the end of the day, there's a bond. And for right now, that's enough.

As for Maknae, :snickers: didn't he say that Hyunjoong hadn't given him a birthday present? I know HJ says he's pretty good at remembering bdays, but seriously, someone get him a scheduler! ;)

I'm a firm believer of "it's meant to be, it'll come back around." so the more they avoid each other, like stretching a band taught, the more explosive the recoil. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I had forgotten about what took place in Chuseok Special. You are right.. Haha....Hence the ice-cream sharing, I was like....huh?...stop....remote....rewind....then I started jumping up and down, laughing my heart out. Baby and HB, their relationship on the show is just too close to think otherwise. I mean, this is my POV, but certainly there's gotta be something between Baby's Hyung and her. I'm loving it. And ...
Although KHJ might be returning to JuJu Island for the 3rd time. It won't be his last, if he keeps doing romance drama's, lol.
But, one never forgets the FIRST. That's where their memories were created on WGM, hence HB. Later, he even said, he spends lots of time in JuJu. I guess only time will tell, but I know it won't be anytime soon, as he still has lots more to accomplish. Haha..just has to be on his toes to make sure someone doesn't steal her from him, lol, my POV.
p.s. from his fan pic to JuJu, he didn't look so happy.

Anonymous said...

Hb answered in one of the interview about marriage.. she said after taking part in the drama (wgm)she had learnt a lot like what she can or cannot do after marriage,all the experience to becoming a wife which in the black room interview she and HJ said that they led a very happy life experience in wgm.So precious and rooted in their heart that even though they met other spouse,the experience in their WGM will become their benchmark!HB is too excellent as a woman,an all rounder;HJ is too perfect guy with everything..

snow said...

Well said meme.. In fact, in reality I'm a pessimistic like you. I always think in the bad before the good, that way I can be prepared for almost anything, but I also always hope & praying that the bad won't come and usually it happened.

It just when it becomes to JB I don't know why I can be an optimist one. HJ always said to keep positive thinking and I think I ever read somewhere HB also ever said smth like that. So I also try to keep poitive thinking in this fandom. Especially, when there are so many hints or something that linked them together, coincidence or not, but it's like the fate wants to link them together by their surrounding people and situations.

Even though that doesn't mean I don't have any pessimist thought at all, coz I also have to prepare for another possibility esp if I heard some rumors or when they said they didn't contact each other or something like that.

I just hope that they are really together and or hope that it will be happened in the future.

I also agree with what fudgeorange and J.J said :

"I'm a big believer in fate, maybe the timing isn't right but I believe everything will come to a full circle." - true!

I'm a firm believer of "it's meant to be, it'll come back around." so the more they avoid each other, like stretching a band taught, the more explosive the recoil. ;)

and I think all the pessimist and optimist JBers have one 1 common: Hope that they both will be together in the real marriage later ^^

Anonymous said...

read all your comment and all of your POVs are true...

@fudgeorange: maybe ur right! HJ may be talking to his future self when he said those msgs.

we'll i think this journey still has a long way to go. just keep the faith... if in the end, they are really not together, let's just be happy for them.

But with a lot of couple things, coincidences... i don't think that there is nothing going on between them. and the closeness of hjb and hb, how to explain it... and with this kind of set up, there's a solid connection between hjb and shillang.


Anonymous said...

love your thinking. I am like u too. I know there is really high chance they are not together as a couple but i am for sure that those memories are always with them. Sometimes, incomplete stories make it perfect :)

Anonymous said...

@anon: i think all jbers are like that. we really have the same way of thinking that's why we "gel" even if we personally don't know each other... you're right. sometimes, incomplete stories make it perfect. but making it complete will make it a great one, i guess. (^.^)
hope to see the couple together again in a show...

meme =p said...

I'm glad you guys agree =p

Regardless of what we believe or what the truth is,
let's support them both in their seperate endeavors!!

~ysa~ said...

thanks meme! very well said.

must confess: i am the same age as buin and also met someone who's younger than me, pretty much like shillang when he was when he was in WGM. and let me tell you guys, as much as i like him, its really hard not to think about the age gap. especially when you are both at different stages in your lives, which i believe is the case with HB and HJ.

if i put myself in HB's place, i don't think she will do anything because right now HJ is at the peak of his career, so i think this will be a consideration for her. so really, its up to HJ to make a move. which, unfortunately, is near impossible because of his crazy schedule.

but like most of you, i also believe in fate. if its meant to be, it will happen. never have i been touched by two people that i don't even know, so much so that i felt priviledged just to witness their journey. and if i felt that way, as an audience, how do you think they must feel when they were the ones experiencing it?

ah, it makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it. but no matter how their story will end, i have to remember they will always have those 8 months of happiness together. no one can take that away from them. <3

Anonymous said...

Hi to all, u may all or tag me as springblush : just read all ur comments, me too like u guys is hoping that they have this special friendship after the WGW episodes. I love Meme's updates it keeps me on my toes. just sad to note that if it is true that they dont even talk or communicate - is it after their WGM days up to now, it leaves me like crying and lost!!!! How could that be, eventhough KHJ is super duper busy coz he is on top of his career and really he is on top (congratulations!!) cant thay even say hi and hello thru SMS or their private inet accounts??!! sigh, sigh & sad sad sad!!!! Still, i strongly believe that there is something between them that is being kept secret for their career moves and strategy, right??

meme =p said...

Ysa thanks for sharing. It's gotta be hard dating someone younger. We would love to say love conquers all but in reality it's kind of tough. There are many different factors that weigh in and in hwangbo and khj's case their career plays an important role in their decision to ultimately be together or even being friends. I've always felt that Hwangbo would rather step out of the picture if it meant helping him at the height of his career. I've also felt that if indeed no longer communicate its because they cared too much about each other. Sigh. Or they could pull a Se7en and Park Han Byul and tell the world they've been together for seven never know =p

Springblush welcome to the discussion!!!

J.J. said...

@ Meme and ysa. My parents have a love story like HB/HJ and I am not kidding because today is a hallowed day--their 23rd wedding anniversary.

My dad was 21 when he met my mom who was visiting her friend's family. My dad was a chaplain in the army and my mom's friend's brother was a captain? Mom's friend teased her about my dad...but in the end of the day they exchanged letters. They wrote to each other for a year and a half and then my mom went back to the Philippines and they got married. Seriously, no real DATE date. My dad was 23 at the time and mom 29. :D 6 years...

Joongbo holds a special place in my <3 and that's why.

Btw, grandparents and everyone else were against it. but lookie here, 23 yrs. later today. my grandmother says 'he's the only son-in-law i can depend on' :insert shrug here: LOL.

As my favourite song from A Fine Frenzy, "There's Hope for the Hopeless". ;)

Anonymous said...

could it be that he knows she will step out of the picture because of his career that's why he told her don't loose him? HJ always has meaning behind his comments. even it's 4D but he always convey some meaning. Don't know why but i always feel like HB would be the one that act cold toward him so they won't fall deep for each other. she is very thoughtful, so she could be the one that ignoring him so he can move on and step up to his bright future.

babypam_08 said...

@meme It has always been a mystery to me what power Ssangchu has over me. I agree no matter how they may run away from fate, it will catch up with them. Anyway, we don't know anything now. For me as long a they are not officially with someone, the wedding contract in WGM is still in effect hehe!

@snow I know! I'm a worrier, a pessimist. That's why during the 1st few months I just cry about our Joongbo. It was so sad to see them parting, especially since it was obvious that they didn't want it. In spite of my "negative" outlook, I try to stay positive about joongbo. I have to admit I am scared of entertaining news that threat our Joongbo. But let's see if law of attraction works for them! Segyero!

babypam_08 said...

@ysa You got me with your teary eyed moment that I got teary eyed as well. The power of Joongbo over our emotions hehe! And we don't even know them personally. If indeed they have separated ways, I think this song would apply to them:

When we had so much in store
Tell me what is it I'm reaching for
When we're through building memories
I'll hold yesterday in my heart, in my heart

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
They can take the music that we'll never play
All the broken dreams, take everything
Just take it away but they can never have yesterday

They can take the future that we'll never know
They can take the places that we said we will go
All the broken dreams take everything
Just take it away but they can never have yesterday

Yesterday by Leona Lewis