Friday, October 22, 2010

[Update] Joongbo Cuts

Hello guys!
I have good news and bad news.. I have tried uploading Joongbo cuts to various file sharing sites (mediafire, megaupload, gigashare, sharefile), and it seems like there is something in the cuts that gives it errors.

You can see in my mediafire folder that only 1 part of episode 25 and 26 were uploaded.. Usually if I just let my computer run the whole night 3-4 episodes will be uplaoded, but it keeps on telling me there's an error in the file.. I tried cutting the files to see where the error is coming from.. But I couldn't figure it out.

Many have told me they cannot watch through Dailymotion, so I'm thinking we should try Vimeo, which fortunately is not giving me any trouble at all. You can download the videos straight from Vimeo also.

As for quality, it seems better than Dailymotion
Do you think this quality is good enough?

[This is a cut of Alex and Shinae picking out outfits for their Wedding Photoshoot.


Husna said...

SH dear
its one the best quality vid I've seen
its alright

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Really? Woohoo! And I just started uploading an hour ago, and I'm already on the second episode, Vimeo is so fast o.o~~

Much easier for me too ^^;

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is super fast and best quality. Thank u so much

Anonymous said...

SH, I like this one... its really fast and with great quality.. actually I already start downloading those episodes(WGM) and save it..


Anonymous said...

sh; thank you.It's worth waiting for 2 days.You really work so hard for all of us ssangchuers.We love everything here,so beautifully creative.

agalang said...


the virmeo videos are much clearer and easier to access than dailymotion. thank you sooo much for all the time & effort you've put into these.

i'm truly grateful. you're the only blog i visit consistently whenever i need my joongbo fix.

Good Job SH!!! Looking forward to more of your amazing work...^___^


babypam_08 said...

SH! Thank you so much for this! I get mixed emotions watching their old clips. I really miss them! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

Hi SH,

I'm sorry to ask but where is the link to download JB cuts from vimeo? Thank you very much for your great work! you can't imagine how sad my yesterday was when i thought your site has been removed forever (there are a lot of Joongbo's videos have been removed from Youtube because of copy right issue so I prayed really hard that the same thing didn't happen to you). Thanks so much once again!

Anonymous said...

oh, i saw the videos after clicking the clip above! Sorry for my dumb question :D. Please ignore it!

sea said...

hello can someone tell me how to download the episode on veoh?

QiQi said...

I´m so happy that I found your blog! I hope you´re going to upload everyting C= I'll wait for 29-38 patiently haha

hillary said...

Hi SH,
Does this mean you won't upload more Joongbo cuts on Mediafire?
Cuz I downloaded all 8 files on mediafire, the quality is very very good and I am waiting for more coming up hehe.
Should I wait or start downloading from veoh, pls let me know :-)
Thanks a lot!

sea said...

ya im also waiting to download and force my frens to watch them.. haha.. let me know where can i download all of them from ok? thanks!!