Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Photos] Eric, Minwoo & Andy With Hwangbo

Shinhwa's Eric was discharged from the military today!!!! WOOOHOOO!!
I thought this would be the perfect time to finish my Shinwa-Hwangbo photo spams, since I forgot about it ^^;; I started with Junjin, but it was over a year ago already, so if you missed that, you can check here:

[Shinhwa members are very close to Hwang Buin, and she is one of the few females that fans do not bash for having a close friendship with the very popular group. :) ]


  • Andy gets the baby treatment out of all the boys, since he's the youngest of the Shinhwa members. 
  • Often gets hit by Hwangbo, and revealed that she has a habit of hitting guys lol
  • Hwangbo and Andy often play Go Stop together. When Hwangbo loses, she would ask Andy to treat her to a more expensive meal lol.
  • Andy likes doing extreme aegyo to her whenever she scolds him. xD~
Hwangbo Visiting Andy During His Concert


Eric has a very charismatic face, and he doesn't really talk much on programs,
giving him the cool/suave aura but deep inside he's very dorky lol.

Eric's Banana Song lol


I am pretty sure that I will be talking about Shinhwa more because they will one by one be discharged from the army. (Eric and Dongwan this year) and this is for the readers to not be confused about me talking about Shinhwa randomly xDDD~

Hyesungie doesn't really have much pics with Hwangbo. My favorite couples would be Dongbo and Jinbo, that's why they both have individual posts MUAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

I love Shinhwa. I guess my favorite would be Junjin (of course), Minwoo,I think he's hot, and then Dongwan, I think he sorta liked HB, just by the way he always looked at her. The other two are quite, haha. I'm so happy to hear Eric will be getting out of the military. Wait..I believe he's home now. I guess maybe HB took him to dinner, or maybe he preferred her cooking, haha. Guess most of us will be happy when JunJin gets out, which will be in another year or so. I've always really liked him, I think some of us wanted them together, but then I'm Joongbo biased, so hope fate determines their destiny.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....I completely forgot about Andy, how could I do that, and she's always hitting him, lol. Andy reminds me of Baby (KHB) he's just too cute and adorkable.
Go Hwangbo.....Go Shinha......

Anonymous said...

Shinhwa treated HB as their sibling.People around them look at her as shinhwa member..even if any of them dating her,no one will throw bad word to them.But we all know,the harder to get someone..the more to get the challenges..the sweeter and most memorable one all.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo, yes, Eric is out. Love Shinha cuz of Hwangbo, her BFF's guys need to watch them in all their old Xmen and love letter variety shows, woo hoo....I still love Junjin the most.