Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Dose of Ssangchu MVs!

Meme: Cute pics.  Great clips. It's not epic or anything but I kinda like this video.  It makes me smile!

SH: Another fantastic MV by yooboo710!!!


Anonymous said...

Seen lots of Joongbo MV's, but don't believe I've seen the first one. Awesome clips of 'sheer bliss'
Kudos to maker, love it.

2nd vid.
aah, "Nothing on You", I'm gonna brag here, but this was one I requested. There's a Korean version, which I like more. The moment I first heard Jae singing this song, I was like, this definitely is Joongbo. So I threw my pride aside, asked YooBoo for the favor and look what she created, love the fantastic job she did, can't thank her enough, (Yooboo, thank you again - bows).
BTW Hwangbo and Jaebum are buddies, together they were on a variety show (Nodaji) before the Netizen scandal, when he returned to Seattle (USA).
Thanks SH/MEME and the rest of you, for everyone's input at this blog, you're all jjang....

fudgeorange said...

Thanks Meme/SH!:)I liked both
MVs! I didn't realize I've already seen the first one until I saw my comment on lovemain1028's page,lol. Among HB's favorite tweets was a link to one of her mvs.

@LUVHJXTOO: Thanks for requesting Nothing on You. :) that one went straight to my favorites! haha.:) cool editing too.

Here's another nice, happy joongbo MV. :) happy thoughts!

by ju5t1n3

This one featured a daring ssangchu couple. ;) lol.