Sunday, October 17, 2010

forget them not...

Dear Joongbo fans,

I seem to have renewed my fervor for the Joongbo couple. You know it's sad when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is surf the web for news.  When your fiancee uses your obsession as a form of bribery, you know you got issues.  If I'm willing to watch "Jackass" in 3D so he can watch WGM cuts with me again, I know I'm screwed. It's just lately everything reminds me of them.  So, you can only imagine how excited I was to find another Jeju Island fan account.  

According to that particular fan, the cast and crew were eating at the restaurant area of the resort.  While they were eating, clips of BOF and Happy Together were showing.  She noted that no one was really paying attention to it, however as she was leaving the restaurant, the first episode of WGM played.  Even though KHJ was no longer there to see it, the remaining cast, crew and even his stylist was there to watch it.  It seemed they were riveted.  They were seen laughing and very amused.  

Tommy looked at me all crazy and asked, "What's the big deal?  KHJ wasn't even there for you to clock his reaction, so why you all happy for?"  Hmm, I thought to myself, why am I so happy?  It doesn't mean anything. Yet, it means everything.   I love it because if anything, it's spreading the Joongbo love.

For those who want to read the full account, heres the link (this ones for you J.J.).


J.J. said...

Meme, I am humbled by your lovin' pour moi. T^T :bows deep:

So here's a token exchange of awesomeness. Someone on dramabeans was telling me in the Farm episode ep16 in sh's episode list, at 4:51-4:55 (lets say) after the grandma goes "it's a crime to marry that young" and hwangbo's laughing in derision hyunjoong goes "you're defeated" however, there's an audio that goes "you okay, baby?" it sounds "uu okay, behbeh?" to hwangbo. now, while the audio and video aren't 100% synched i plugged my laptop to my huge tv again and stopped frame by frame. It's either he said it while hwangbo was covering his face (because of the sound/video time lag) or he said it in studio and the mic caught it (because his lips don't move and after hb moves in that frame his lips were closed).

There. go look. be happy :)

I suggest just closing your eyes and listening to it. ONCE HEARD, I CANNOT UNHEAR!

:bows again:

Thank you for the lovin' in this blog. I feel welcomed. :) <3

meme =p said...

J.J I've seen that one already not on a big screen tv I'm sure it's much more rewarding....however many of the other joongbo fans would greatly appreciate that great piece of spazz!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

jj; man, i dunno why some cuts for joongbo that i have are not uploading well on either sendspace or mediafire!!

i watched the one you talked about, and yes, i did hear it too!!!

meme; this fanaccount is making me smile from ear to ear... joongbo virus is extremely contagious!!! love how she shared her ssanghcu episodes xDDD

i'm curious though, how did he feel going back and looking at memories of them?

des said...

@J.J. that was me! haha.

And yes, I've been replaying it too. He said it in such a gentle way that makes me all warm inside. <3

You might be right, he could have said it at the studio WHILE they were watching those clips. Its been so long I can't remember the details anymore but I know that fans who were there at the studio viewing of the farm episode said that they was also a clip of them driving to the farm and he called her "yeobo" -- but it was cut! (Damn you, editors! We need this and their farewell dinner and everything else that you're hiding from us! :P)

Anyways, I'm loving all the Joongbo love here. Keep 'em burning, ladies! :)

des said...

P.S. I talked about the mosquitoes in the my previous comment. I wonder what Joongie is thinking. The fan account said that there's still a lot of mosquitoes there, isn't it?

My take on these two is that there's too much feelings involved that they probably just chose the ALL OR NOTHING route, which in their case, unfortunately, may well be NOTHING...yet. But the more you fight it, the harder it is to ignore it, right? And then, BAM, one day the floodgates will just open. I hope it will for them.

When I think about Joongie's farewell message on the sand "Don't Lose Me", it's almost propethic, no? I mean, it's really him that can get lost in all this activity, people must be clamoring for him left and right, he is close to the peak of his career. I hope HB doesn't lose him, indeed. Sigh.

Husna said...

I am soooo happy for the writer
Keep stalking him
be a good stalker
A good joongboer
A good fan:)

J.J. said...

DES~ T_T OMO that last thing you said made me :(
It's okay, i subscribe to the rubber band theory. The recoil should be good. ;)
Oh btw, thank you very much for showing that piece to me :bows:

SH, thank you for the effort. really. ssancho is my consolation right now as midterms is here. T_T

Anonymous said...

oh my! when they were on their farewall episode..
while HB crying..HJ ask her why she is crying with his warm smile as like he is saying..
" why are you crying..we are not really going to say goodbye..i will always be by yourside "
just i'm really scared if HB is the one who dont want to be with HJ because of the antis out there..!!
damn u antis!! just let them b happy together..-.-"

p/s : i really hate to watch the last episode of ssangchu in makes me feel bad! why did they have to apart so fast??

Anonymous said...

When you're bitten by Ssangchu virus...there is NO CURE!

After two years...I am still following our beloved couple and pretty much reading every fan fictions written by the most talented Joongbo fans around the world. Not to mention all the photoshop works too^^

I am one of the fans who produced over dozen of joongbo photoshop pieces. My latest piece I am working on is very challengin...PK Kiss. I tried once and failed. As soon as I can make it look nature...I'll send to meme =p so if you wants to...she can share with SH readers!

meme =p...enjoying reading your blog^^


J.J. said...

@ LvK Thank you very much for you efforts. <3 I used to write fanfiction ;) but alas real life is putting a block on that. -_-

babypam_08 said...

@JJ I got goosebumps after hearing that. Although I got across this scene in YouTube and it seemed like he said it to comfort her after all the beating Buin got from grandma. Nonetheless, whenever he said it, won't matter. He called her baby. I'm so happy! Could it be a slip of the tongue? Just like yeobo? :p

@SH Joongbo virus is extremely contagious haha! Plus, there's no cure. I just wish will know the truth. It's hard to keep guessing. I really hope they are together!! SH, did you say you were having a hard time re-uploading the Joongbo episodes? Let us know how we can help.

@des I know! Let the floodgates open haha!

@LVK Looking forward to that new PS pic hehe! Thanks for all your effort. Segyero!

des said...

Hi guys! I'm back. Rumor has it that there's a bed scene for PK. I don't know how I feel about this. Or maybe I'm still in denial.

I mean, if you were HJ and you are back in the same resort where you had your "first" honeymoon 2 years ago and now you have to do a bed scene with someone else, how would you feel? Ah, I must be going crazy.

I even went so far as to think that maybe if it can't be HB, then I'm okay if he ends up with JSM...she seems very likeable in real life. But as soon as I thought about it, I immediately said "NO!!!! It can't be! HJ only belongs to HB." He needs someone who can keep him on his toes, someone who will challenge him. JSM seems too sweet for our blunt and quirky HJ. So then, I thought maybe he can introduce JSM to Jae Joong, they're best friends right? JJ and JSM will make a cute couple, I think.

See what I mean by going crazy? Thank God I found this blog 'coz I really need a support group. LOL.

Anonymous said...

don't worry anon. He has to act what the director wants so it's no him who initiate it. When i look at his hug, i know he is not close to the actress. it's not even intimate, he holds his hands instead of hers. nothing compare to when he hold his buin waist in the game that was edited. if talks about skin ship, his massage at the ant tour is unbelievable. since he is the one that has good memory, i am very sure lots of scenes in PK remind him of his buin. they better not make him climb the mountain.

Anonymous said...

i rewatch the farm episode to check the " you okay baby" thing.. i heard it too... wohooo.. slip of the tongue or not it makes me giddy..

btw, there's a bedscene in Pk? well it already crossed my mind since i watched the taiwan version but its still making me feel down..but i will really try not to get too affected.. i'll just try to drown myself with a lot of joongbo drugs here in sh site and i'll be ok..

still believing! to the world!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the kiss was enough for him, lol. He seems uncomfortable with intimate scenes. If this type of scene is in Taiwan version, and it's too late for ratings now, maybe they'll leave such scenes out, just my wishful thinking.

In regards to KHJ's fan who wrote the fan account. I was just curious, why she hasn't posted in any Joongbo sites, since a lot of what she wrote was related to WGM. However, she did write that her fangirling started from WGM. But I guess since she's KHJ fan, it's understandable to post where she did. My take on it, well, it's just that some fans of his don't take too highly WGM, or for that matter, Hwangbo. So I don't know how they felt reading it. That's just my thought. But, I enjoyed reading her fan acct.especially her knowledge of different scenes & places in WGM.

ItadakimasU said...

Hhahaha I think your happiness comes from the fact that this just verifies that KHJ and HB are @ their best when being together. These episodes made me appreciate KHJ in all ways possible and made me such a fangirl i feel a bit ashamed of it :P

btw, in the report of this fan, she mentioned that KHJ eats like a little boy, stuffing food in his cheeks. Hahhaha I pictured him eating instantly like he did in WGM. Indeed soooooooo adorable. His a full grown man now, but i think he's still a little boy at heart :)

J.J. said...

@ DES! Heya! I hope you read this... -_-

Just wanted to know what's your handle on soompi and where are you posting? ^_^

Bianca405 said...

OMG, he really said it then, i watched the frame! joongbo FIGHTING!