Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playful Kiss On Midnight Idols!

Mr. Eun Ji Won, I am scared for you..
It may not be cucumber season yet, but Hyunjoong might just buy 5 billion of them to throw at you. xD

After the kiss, Seong Joo said, that was his first time. Then Hwang Buin asked if she has to take responsibility for him.. even if it wasn't her first kiss! xDDD


Lil' Sue said...

Lols....this is damn funny ...!!!

LvKprogram said...

Seong Joo is such a cute kid. I can tell he adores big sister Hwangbo^^

Anonymous said...

omo! he looks like a girl. too funny!!! can't help but notice that HJB didn't look too happy about it. or is it just my "wild fancy"?

cucumbers are delicious, ne? :P

meme =p said...

Ey SH...that was so wrong...that title..totally tricked me! I was all what?? Playful Kiss....which idols?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

lil; i was laughing so hard watching it!!

lvk; he issss! i find it so adorable!! and he's not afraid of skinship i see xDDD he reminds me of taemin of shinee.. can't really see taemin as a little kid anymore.. he's becoming manly, which i am very excited about MUAHAHAHA!

anonymous; a lot of idols look like girls anyways xDDD~

hehe, he's always beside Hwangbo *w*~~

meme; xDDD!!! im so suurrriii!!

fudge said...

hahahaha cute!

@anon: HJB looked a bit serious for a few seconds there huh. hahahaha

Question: Sistar is the name of the girl group? or one of the girls? thanks!

Anonymous said...

omgggg...i was tricked by the title..i thought that PK cast on midnight idolll hahhahaha
SH u totally got me..

Ssangchu Heaven said...

fudge; sistar is the name of the group :)

anonymous; surri surri i didn't mean to trick anybody xDDD

Anonymous said...

It's funny on how on this couple no joongbo fan feel threatened but rather all giggling with amusement! ^_^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

The situation was just too funny! lol

But you raised a good topic anon. How come it's okay if it's Hwangbo, but not as okay if it's Joongie. I ask myself that all the time, and my answer is always.. I don't know ;__;

Anonymous said...

Quote: Anonymous Thursday, October 21, 2010

omo! he looks like a girl. too funny!!! can't help but notice that HJB didn't look too happy about it. or is it just my "wild fancy"?

you got me there Anonymous, hahaha! Hyungjoon is smiling but it doesn't seem he is happy about the kiss. H e is almost as see-through as HJ. brother-in-law is protective of hyungsonim... hahaha :D

J.J. said...

@ SH, I wouldn't be bothered if HB kissed/got kissed, but maybe the context bothers you. HJ kisses b/c of a drama, putting on a mantle of a different persona, whilst HB is usually HB on varieties.

I just wanted to bring up what I was discussing in ockoala about Hyunjoong/BSJ's wedding band. I was so fazed when I saw it IDK WHY! The panic that rose up my throat was like acid lol.

I mean, rationally, I've seen him wear rings on his ring finger before, but the sight of the wedding band made my stomach jump. IRKED me to the core.

It made me think "in some time now he should get a girl that'll love and support him. feed him right. be there when he comes home from activities...someone who can sing/play the piano as he's tuning his guitar" and it breaks my heart that now that he's in Keyeast it seems that this future is a bit far off.

I swear that if he had somehow made it into YG it would've been better. Not because I'm YG biased (because I am) but because he's got friends there, T.O.P., namely, and noona's Goo Hye Sun, and Jun Hye Young (momma baek in PK). And that place would have allowed him more creativity (and better than SM which has put his bff's in a headlock, not getting into that one). GOODNESS I WANT HIM TO PICK UP A GUITAR AND SING!

Husna said...

I really hope KHJ would see this and break the TV
or maybe break jiwon's neck?
Or he could just go on 2days 1night and just compete with jiwon gor every game there is till He's satisfied

I realllllly hope

Husna said...

or maybeeee
Hyungjun can tell KHJ all about the kiss

Anonymous said...

Weel, indeed, the title says it all. and thanks to mischievous JiWon -ssi. keke. even if you guys notice, GNA's song (MK OST) was playing at background during the first couple pepero and i was like..??. ok, since both MK and Midnight Idols are from same channel.. but still..

HB and HJB really support each other through this show. Everytime it was HJB turn as MC, HB was always there to cheer for him. Really happy to see their closeness.

And thank you SH and Meme for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey glad someone else noticed the OST from MK. This is my POV, but I still think Joongbo's industry friends are aware of their situation. Eun Jiwon has been a friend of Hwangbo's for sometime, as they have done other variety shows together. So I think he was trying to even the score, haha...She's a senior in the industry now, and I'm sure everyone looks up to her with envy, cuz damn not everyone can have that special charm of bringing people close to you. I was reading a statement KHJ made during farewell of MK. He said, from now, he's gonna have fun himself and bring happiness to others....Can you think of who does that now? OUR OWN HWANGBO.

Anonymous said...

I almost died laughing watching this show. I swear it was so hilarious. In fact, my tummy still hurts from the outburst. And Eun Jiwon, his mischief, well it stole the show, haha...Of course, he meant it all for fun and play, it's what the show's about. I'm sure SungJong is out of this world, receiving his stolen first kiss from Hwangbo, LOL. Looks like Eun Jiwon better watch out for flying cucumbers, lol. Of course, this is coming another crazy Wild Fancy person, keke...
and those who don't know about the peppero kiss and Hwangbo, it's from her new show MIDNIGHT IDOL, which by the way has Kim Hyun Joon also as one of the MC's.
Joongbo fighting.....

fudge said...

Even though without subs,this show was fun to watch!

@anonymous (just right above this post): LOL re: flying cucumbers. hahaha. from another Wild Fancy person.

Segyero! :)

choufy said...

First things first : thanks again for this blog which shows that Joongbo fandom is far from being dead even after WGM's ending ^^

I still have a question though : what is the joke about the flying cucumber ? I get that it's about Hyunjoong's jealousy but where does that come from ?

Thank you and To The World !

des said...

Flying cucumbers!!! I love it!

Totally brought back the giddiness over JoongBo's first MCing attempt (blind date with the young masters and Wondergirls). LOL.

That was probably one of my favorite eps, what with HJ's little jealous side comments to Kyu ("you sure are in a hurry to get married" :P), how he wanted her to change before his bros because she was wearing a short skirt, and his definitive "BUIN" when HB accidentally dialed the wrong number and a guy answered the phone, the way he massaged her neck when he said that. Kyaaaaa. And HJ looked so hot in that grey sweater dancing "nobody, nobody". Couldn't stop spazzing over all the skinships.

In my wildest fancy world, I'd love for these two to be MCs of their own variety show, kinda like the blind date epi. Can you imagine the riot?!!!

Anonymous said...

wahaha,!! that sound HJB made near the end. it's like a silent warning "Hyung will know about this ad ur dear" HAHAHA.

my imagination is driving me crazy. :))

Anonymous said...

I am really going crazy. HAHAHA many thigs about this show reminds me of Joongbo. first HWangbo herself, SS501 HJB, the pepero game and SISTAR (they sang one of the OST's for Mischoevous kiss.. haaay..

im soo happy hahahaa!!