Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Photos] Hwang Buin At Ryu Shi Won's Wedding

Congratulations Ryu Shi Won!!! 

I'm really, really happy he found someone to love.. He's such a kind person.. He's like the perfect man.. So perfect that I even spazzed about him and Hwangbo before xDDD~ This is one example lol: http://ssangcho.blogspot.com/2009/02/ryu-shi-won-hwangbo-at-infinity-girls.html

^ How gorgeous is she in this picture?! MY GAHHH!


Anonymous said...

SH, just what I expected... HB really so so "BEAUTIFUL"..I wish that JJ told HJ how so beautiful our dear HB and he felt so sorry that he missed that chance... just hoping hehehe :D


LvKprogram said...

Aahaaa...absolute beauty that HB is!
Perfectly put to gather from hair, make-up
and dress.

I can't wait for the day she walk down the
aisle with her dad. She going to be one hot
& beautiful bride!

NaD said...

That's right.. HB is such a beautiful..
I can't wait for her wedding..
She will become the gorgeous bride..

Anonymous said...

I think she is beautiful when wearing like this, But when she is wearing shorts and sexy outfits, I don't like.

Husna said...

The jacket she's wearing reminds me of the day shillang had to be the manager of the day

He really hated when his buin wears all these smexy2 clothes

Only he can she her sexiness:)

anne claire said...

Hb is so glam and faboulously gorgeous here!!!! what a beauty!!!

ChillOut said...

she's is so HB ... always looks gorgeous even in odd outfit. adore her!