Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still Beautiful lyrics..

"Still Beautiful"

"he is leaving.
I'm letting him go.
without holding him back
without dropping a tear
I'm letting him go.

all the romance is dead
it's now an extravagant memory
if I cry just once
and hurt just once
everything will be over.

don't say you know me.
the me that you knew is no more.
in the suffocating darkness.
I'm already familiar with this hurt
I've already found my happiness again.

forget about me~ please
don't wake me up who is sleeping,
before the night is over
if I open my eyes
would I be able to sleep?

the words I hate more than dying.
the childish words I couldn't convey..
to come back
to love me
to embrance me again.

don't expect any of that from me~ really.
I'm not that kind of woman.

I'm still pretty
and lovable.
I'm very happy."

*thanks anonymous and LVK for lyric translations*
You guys are awesome Joongbo-ers <3
  (credit jaejoongie <3@soompi)


b_ball_chick6592 said...
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b_ball_chick6592 said...

Wow the it just me or do they really really really fit the whole Joongbo situation :(

tetsu girl said...

aw, i thought of HB's farewell video message to HJ, too, with the part about "letting him go", but who knows how relevant the lyrics are to HB or joongob?
it's natural for us to think of joongbo whenever they sing a love song, happy or sad. let's just take every speculative connection, both positive and negative, with a grain of salt. ^^

tetsu girl said...

but anyway, the lyrics are really beautiful, simple but meaningful, like the song and MV. love the whole thing. Go HwangBo!

grasya said...

Thanks so much for the English version of the lyrics! Greatly appreciated =)

tetsu girl said...

hi, SH & meme!
sorry for comment spamming. XD; just wanted to add that the new layout is sooo cute, you both do a great job keeping this blog updated and fun, and i love ya! :D
i also wanted to share with you this clip from HJ's "First Love Story" DVD. he's cooking dinner for his imaginary girlfriend (us, the viewers! ;), and he's very natural, funny, and charming. reminded me of WGM, so thought you might like it, too. ^^

Lil' Sue said...

Go Go Hwangbo!!! (^_^)

Thanks for translating the lyric..

Anonymous said...

WOWOWOWOWOW! So beutiful! GO! GO! Hwangbo!

grasya said...

@Tetsu girl

Thanks for sharing the cooking video. It was so funny! I was smiling all the time watching it because he was so clumsy cooking and I know Hwang Bo is very good with cooking. Haha. Thanks again!

jackwon said...

MV w/ Eng Subs by crazynoona. ^^

Ansuh said...


A pinch of salt wont hurt that much thou

BUT why do I feel so sad

Anonymous said...

She's a singer, a really good one, so if the song makes you sad, then that means she did well, because for the most part, the song conveys sad emotions. But it ends on a positive note, so it is a good song. There is no need to relate the song to whatever relationship Joongbo may or may not have. This is her work as an artist and should be appreciated as such.

Ansuh said...

This lyrics really had me searching for KHJ last song

Anyone having plenty of time try and listen back to his song together with the translations for those who do not understand and her new song

For me there are a few
u know what I mean
Imaginations of mine

BrownSugar said...

Good Song Good Lyric...thanks guys for the lyric...can feel the emotion..