Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[MVs] Joongbo - How Did You Know + 千年修

hihi thanks me and fudge for the tip ^^ if you find some more, don't hesitate to pm me :)


Anonymous said...

lmaoooo i know the video clip is serious but this couple is so the opposite of that. i'm still cracking up, oh god. =_____=

Anonymous said...

both mv's are lovely.. i watched an mv for joongbo before,but i forgot where i've watched it. i love it so much..i just remembered the mv song-i didn't mean to make you mine and it's by nina ..it's kinda sad but i love it..


fudge said...

@purple chagi: Quite a number of nice joongbo mvs were blocked :-/ YT and MBC have been stricter lately. I probably have missed a lot mvs, I would've wanted to see what songs were used and the editor's interpretation..

here's a recent mv I liked:

and of course, who'd like to break away? ;) baby come on!


Anonymous said...

some of my most faves we're made by yooboo710..that's her twitter id too^^
this is my most fave:

then this one:

then this...

Ly said...

gracias!!! realmente me gustaron los videos, en especial el 2º ^^

Anonymous said...

me: Thank you sh..the mv is here..everybody can hear what Kim Hyun Joong was saying about their relationship in WGM.That is the honest KIM HYUN JOONG before he is now,the honesty is all wrapped up tightly in his heart and not to speak out as before.I think HB got the warning first because we heard the word 'partner' during the award ceremony in Dec 2008 and recently in Japan KHJ used the word 'partner' which to me it just refer to the same person.Thank you once again sh..always will support you.

Anonymous said...

OMG the first MV is sooo moving!!! so deep & epic!!!