Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yoochun Tweet!

So Micky made a twitter account!!! (
On Oct. 15th he posted the picture above saying, "Joy spreads to the world."

It just suddenly reminded me of Joongbo HAHAHA! Joongbo is always on my mind xD
When I saw to the world, I was like YEAHHHH TO THE WORLD!!! *points to the sky with Cassiopeia constellation*

But then we also have to remember, Micky listed our Hwang Buin as the celeb that he likes, the celeb he wants to go out with and his ideal woman. ;p
Micky is also our Shillang's friend with Jaejoong and TOP.

It would be really, really, interesting if Hwang Buin and him became twitter friends MUAHAHAHA!!!
I'm enjoying your drama, Chunface!


scribblescribblescribble said...


embot said...

that was also the same thing i first noticed..i wanted to ask him if he is also a joongboer.. lolz... and the latest pic he posted reminds me of the binary stars..
to the world!!!

meme =p said...

I love Eric but I never understood the hype for Mickey. Watching his new drama and I kinda get it now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, really loved Mickey in his new drama, I thought him a natural, felt his charming charisma, haha...He was such a cutie when he used to appear with Hwangbo during Xmen and Love Letter days. I'm liking on Youchan, but I'll be forever Yunho's love, haha....unless of course HB takes him away, LOL. Hope Mickey won't shy away from b'coming HB's twitter friend. We need some Xcitement!!!!
Hey SH, don't know if this holds true, but I read somewhere, Yunho and your love were getting ready for their come back (woot woot).

Anonymous said...

Followed Micky immediately so thanks for posting. Yep he is related with our Joongbo ^_^ and he already have 55,000+ followers for a day pretty crazy huh!

Lil' Sue said...

Waaahhh...this is great news...will follow him immediately...!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

scribble; YEAAA!

embot; micky is so romantic.. man.. this guy.. *swoons*

meme; you should watch dbsk documentaries. esp the ones when they were in japan. he's sooo crazy hilarious. think about unique thinking like HJ, but Micky is more open and casanovaaaaa~

anonymous; hihi my eldest sister is in love with yunho too. but my little sister and i have the same tastes on idols on boy groups... xD and yes i heard that too! i'm absolutely excited! but i really hope dbsk will be together again

anonymous; he is a dbsk member after all :)

lil sue; a go go go~~!

Anonymous said...

I'm JaeJoong bias so I'm forever thankful to YuuChun for convincing him to make one too XDD

Now I want IRL F4 twitter interactions...can you imagine the hilarious 4D conversations HJL, JJ, TOP and YC must have? ahhhh!! -explodes-

wolfpeach said...

when i saw this post i though chunnie already tweeted to hwangbo and i just misse it xD when i knew of chunnie's twitter i instantly wished to read a tweet from him mentioning hwangbo. xDDD im looking forward to the day that he'd follow hwangbo! :D