Saturday, October 30, 2010

thank you.

Dear Hwangbo,
The possibility of you reading this letter is probably next to none but I’m going to take my chances anyway.  I hope you don’t mind, writing has never been my strong point but what I lack in words, I can hopefully make up for with sincerity.

For the longest time, I’ve always heard your name being thrown in the mix, Hwangbo this and Hwangbo that. To be honest, I’ve never really paid any attention to it.  I’ve always felt that you were just another female star that was always linked with different male idols.  I mean there was Rain, Junjin, Mickey and then Yunho. What’s the big deal anyway?   So what if you were always on Xmen or Love Letter, who cares?  Being on variety shows and having guys fall for you, was that your biggest claim to fame?   No thank you, I pass.

I like shoving the fact that I’m always right in people’s faces.  It makes me feel good.  I hate being wrong.  I guess god decided to punish me for being a judgmental smartass.  He smacked me pretty hard too because boy was I wrong about you.  I was at a friend’s house and WGM was playing in the background; you wouldn’t believe how many times I rolled my eyes at Solbi. I remember walking away and when I returned you were on the screen.   You were in Japan at KHJ’s recording studio and you guys were attempting to collaborate. I laughed so hard I cried.  You had me at “baby, come on” and I’ve never looked back. 

I mean, how many celebrities can boast a black belt, a racecar driver’s license, a passion for charity, a down to earth personality and a rocking body.  Not many…not many at all.   I totally understand why you are so loved and respected.  Your down to earth personality and infectious laughter can warm anyone’s heart.  I wanna be you when I grow up…only I’m grown up. 

I just wanted to use this opportunity to let you know, from your shows to your music; you’ve given me something to look forward to.  So, thank you for being you.  



Husna said...

me too me too
Hwaiting meme

kiani said...

Dear Meme =p, now your making me cry. Wish my thoughts flowed out of me like that, so beautiful. Honestly, I think Hwangbo is all what you wrote. It's a wonder Kim Hyun Joong fell, if it was at "Baby, Come On" for you, I wonder where she had him? We surely will miss you, like someone said "don't lose us"
Be safe.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

We gotta forward this to Hwang Buin Meme TT___TT~~

Anonymous said...

i luv u 2 buin..
u make me laugh everytime i watch u..
u bring d happiness in my life..
thanks meme for d letter..
u write it out..
what was in my heart..
i luv u all jongboers..
i luv u much buin..
n i luv u triple ssangchu couple..
b happy always all of u..

J.J. said...

Tweet it!!! :)

fang said...

good job meme!

can i post this on twitter?

i'll wait for your go signal ^____^

bittersweet3881 said...

your letter made cried... It's lovely and sincere.. I hope she will have a chance to read it.. :)

fudgeorange said...

Meme: Such a heartfelt letter. I hope HB gets to read this. No,she must read this.=)

"You had me at “baby, come on” and I’ve never looked back."

-- yeah, baby come on! really liked that line from Japan episode.

to Hwang Bo Hye Jung, we love you! atta girl!

meme =p said...

@Husna/kiani- thanks!! "Joongbo" is great but I think Hwangbo is pretty awesome on her own.

@Sh-maybe she visits the site =p I mean it's pretty badass here!

@J.J.-I read your're good...what is it you're studying? You write much better then I do...and I'm the teacher =p

@fang-thanks for asking..sure. It wouldn't hurt for her to know how much we adore her.

@bittersweet 3881- those are happy tears though, right?

@fudgeorange-how great was that line. I use it every chance i get!! It doesn't work as well as Hwangbo though...Tommy just ends up looking at me crazy.

wolfpeach said...

"i wanna be you when i grow up..only i'm grown up."

it's never too late to be like her. :) may i share this? i love how fans show their love to artists in anyway that they could. :)

J.J. said...

@ Meme-- It wasn't meant to be a fanfic, it was just something inspired by all this--not specifically Joongbo, I mean. As I've previously mentioned I'm studying Psych, but also double maj in Anthro. I've been writing fanfics (for various fandoms) for a long time, 12 years.
LOL I've got more stuff i'd like to send. ;) But the other two I've written (and the other one I'm about to post up on FB) are somber/melancholic. :P

@ Kitty, if you're following/reading this anytime soon, dude? When are we going "meet" so I can also send you the thing I promised? :P

fang said...

oh, and i posted it on my blog...sorry for telling you just now...and THANKS!

babypam_08 said...

Well said err well written? Hehe! Love it Meme! Buin is one of a kind indeed. I really admire her. No wonder she is so much loved! Buin is jjang!