Monday, October 11, 2010

[English Subbed] Joongie Playful Kiss NG Cut

..and about HJB and Hwang Buin's tweets.. I didn't have the time to make screenshots and stuff.. but in short, HJB said he was tired because he competed in Sports Day. Hwang Buin was like, "Not as much as me" and then HJB was like "T_T" xDDD 


babypam_08 said...

Omo! First time I saw a NG cut. I'm surprised he's still this nervous and awkward. Is that good? I knew JSM is really not a threat hehe!

Anyway, it just shows the difference of how comfortable he is with Buin. Even if they're doing nothing, they're relaxed. So happy they got over that phase and got along really well. :p

fudge said...

I could just imagine if buin and shillang were to do a drama, NGs would be too hilarious, might even get an award for best comedy. hahaha just imagining about it makes me laugh.

No threat. :)

Anonymous said...

babypam and fudge, I so agree with you, they were something else, weren't they? I still don't get why people are so against HB, it seems anyone else is fine, I'm supposing sometimes it might be why some don't like KHJ for her. But I love JoongBo, and I will work hard for them till the end, even tho I may spend my Christmas's alone, lol.

meme =p said...

Yea, I'm still trying to figure out how anyone can dislike her. Geez, she's great!! They were together!!

I mean, I get that they might not be together in real life. But it blows my mind that they don't communicate. How can you give up a great friendship like that?

fudge said...

@meme =P Exactly! I agree, how could anyone give up a great friendship like that? but did they indeed give up? ;) who knows, they left it to "destiny" -- and who knows, that's also part of our mission...we might be a part of their puzzle... ;)

I understand--they might not be together in real life...but that doesn't mean they closed their doors right? The only reason I could think of why they wouldn't communicate with each other was they were scared. They knew they were vulnerable...they probably thought the friendship was "dangerous." haha.. you know what I mean... they wanted more than friendship. :) *sigh* dear God, pls. help.

I think those who disliked HB were just jealous.hehe.or envious. Age issue? I'm not really supportive of those with seniority/age issues, but for some reason, they were an exception. I was surprised with myself that I didn't dwell on it that much -- as though they met half-way... like they were just both 27.

Anonymous said...

I think anti's now know there are those out there who will protect HB with tooth and nail, haha....and LOL, she has her guy friends to protect her from KHJ.

Anonymous said...

I know there are many reasons we may each have of Ssangchu couple not appearing together anymore. But, my thought is:
their feelings for one another would be too obvious and he would want to keep touching her, kekeke. You know, like towards the end of WGM. Most of all, they wouldn't be able to keep a straight face, lol. Of course this is all my POV (point of view).


Anonymous said...

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