Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hyungjun & Hwangbo's Tweets

As requested, from the very beginning :D
I tried to make the image twitter-like and less confusing than the other post I made. xD Hope this helps :)

September 16

HJB: This is Hyungjun, Hyejung Noona. Please follow me
HB: Oh~ It's our cute maknae Hyungjun ^^. Chuali PD-nim, I am well behaved

September 19 & September 20

HJB: I am SS501 member Kim Hyungjun. Have a great Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), and I hope that your life will always be filled with happiness.
HB: I am Chakra member Hwangbo. Thank you for your Chuseok greeting. Take care always.

September 26

HB: What. You are at your waiting room. Come to Noona's waiting room and say hi~
HJB: No! Noona *merong* (:p sound)

October 4

HJB: Shy Shy
HB: Ya! Do these kinds of things on DM instead!!!


=p said...

Ooo, so that's what they're saying. It's always nice to know what they're saying, huh?

Thanks SH. You are much appreciated. It's tough to run a blog...but I didn't realize how just much work you put in until I started helping. I've barely written a few posts and i'm tired. Geez, you make me a nicer person.

Ly said...

Oh!! I like it!!!
thanks for the sub.

Lil' Sue said...

Waahhh...thanks for the info..u hv done lot of works by translating and updating these to all Joongbo fans.. (^_^) Thanks Hugs..hugs...

Lil' Sue said...

HyungJun baby so Cute!! Hwangbo Daebakk!!!

Anonymous said...

when I always read the tweet "Shy shy", I imagine the aegyo of HB and how KHJ imitate the sound "mmmmm mmmmmmm"

babypam_08 said...

Hahaha! The last comment made me smile. Apart from the Aegyo, they were really close that day. Acted like husband and wife. Even the MCs noticed.

wawa najwa said...

really? MCs noticed? which part? i didn't see it. want to see it to.