Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hwangbo's New Video/CD Cover

Hey's Meme...I'm going to apologize on behave of SH. Her blog is set up differently from mine so I have no idea how to post up videos!! I just wanted to at least give you guys the link to her new video. SH will fix it once she logs on!  fixed xD Trend #HwangboComeback on twitter when you get the chance :o! - SH

"Still Beautiful"
Isn't she? Doesn't this song just break your heart to pieces? I hope she finds happiness in everything she does!!

Can't wait till her comeback!! We wish her luck!!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! She is gorgeous! Let's help bring her back.

grasya said...

I just curious what does the song mean? What do the lyrics say?

Anonymous said...

i also curious about the lyrics..can anyone translate the lyrics please?

Marites said...

love the video even if i can't understand the words..she looks so sad while still so beautiful.

LvKprogram said...

It's sad song. about breaking up, erase memory of pass, i moved on and
i am happy & still beautiful...

something like that. I am going to listen more and translate for SH reader. I hope^^

btw...HB always love to sing about say song so this song is nothing to do with how she feels. Also she did not wrote this song I believe.

Anonymous said...

LvK, thank you..waiting for the full translation.But words like that are all over her cyworld.It's connected with her 'today's stories'too.Hope to see the translations of all her new songs.I love to see her face without youthful.

Anonymous said...

I read "Still Pretty" was written and produced by her friend STAY. I don't know the lyric's to this song. But anticipating. Guys let's do what we can to help her bring this song on the charts.
HELP!! I need direction, to help her get votes. Can someone find out what we need to do to help.

Anonymous said...

i wonder y it is 'i'm still beautiful'?
does it have anything to do wif shillang?
did she want to say something that we dun know?
aigoo!! this couple really can make me gone crazy

Husna said...

LOL to the anonymous above!

You know how in the last epi of WGM
shillang actually mentioned that buin is not strong
cry when you want
be sad when you want to(did he?hmm)
don't act all stong

So this MV is showing buin cryin
people u know how hwang bo hyejung as a person really hates to show her tears

Now she's actually showing this side of her
Is it bcos she cant compress it anymore
Hope KHJ had the chance to actually see her MV

Anonymous said...

even if there is no english translation just the title of the song is enough and hwango noona really expresses it in the song saranghae!

Anonymous said...

I don't like how they photoshopped her tattoo. She's "still pretty" with it. Other then that, she looks beautiful in the mv.

ChillOut said...

she is pretty in her own way. still luv her & want more & more.

Anonymous said...

husna - lol! it doesnt come to my mind when i watvh this video..first time i listened to this song i was just like..y? y is she sing this song? is she want to said to shillang that she is still beautifull even she is 6years older than him..she can still b happy without shillang..n the most part that make me scared is..they have been together but in the end they break up..her cover album also makes me wonder..shillang will b very angry seeing her cover album like this? did she purposedly do that to make shillang angry? aigo! aigo!

wolfpeach said...

i saw the video in allkpop and ithought i'd paid ssangcho a visit cause surely, the video is here already. and i was right. have i already thank you for this awesome blog? well then, thanks a bunch! hope you wont get tired of doing this. ^^

LvKprogram said...
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Anonymous said...

she's BEAUTIFUL indeed!!!! love this MV
FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION: credit jaejoongie <3@soompi


"he is leaving.
I'm letting him go.
without holding him back
without dropping a tear
I'm letting him go.

all the romance is dead
it's now an extravagant memory
if I cry just once
and hurt just once
everything will be over.

don't say you know me.
the me that you knew is no more.
in the suffocating darkness.
I'm already familiar with this hurt
I've already found my happiness again.

forget about me~ please
don't wake me up who is sleeping,
before the night is over
if I open my eyes
would I be able to sleep?

the words I hate more than dying.
the childish words I couldn't convey..
to come back
to love me
to embrance me again.

don't expect any of that from me~ really.
I'm not that kind of woman.

I'm still pretty
and lovable.
I'm very happy."

LvKprogram said...

Hwangbo's I am Still Beautiful..
you can fine the better translation from Joongbo soompi

Anonymous said...

she's really beautiful in this video!!


Anonymous said...

she's really beautiful in this video!!


Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw the cd cover was "Uh-oh, someone better take away the remote control and the tv sets along KHJ's path." LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow! MV's concept is very nice! suit with lyrics : from sadness to ready for new begining! bravo <3

Thank you SH for sharing the MV ^^

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that she's more beautiful w/out or with light make up..

Lil' Sue said...

Aigoo....this song really drives me crazy...But it saddened me tho....Eventho she said it has nothing to do with her...she still have to 'FEEL' the song to make it real on MV...huhuhu...I bet she must think about about the moment...probably with Shillang... Why her song is so SAD?? :-(
I hope this song is not about breaking up with Shillang...huhuhuhu....

(Teary eyes)..Hwangbo Unnie...
Of course you are beautiful...
Precious enuff to be loved...she looked Gorgeous in this MV..

Dear All,
We can help her by bringing her song a chart..if her album available in Malaysia...I will definitely buy it!!! or I'll buy it in Korea next year...

Hwangbo Daebak!!!
Wish u happy always...

J.J. said...

Goodness, as a song it's very emotional in and of itself. But because we've put Joongbo history and context in it it's even more heartbreaking.