Sunday, October 3, 2010

forget her not...

How many of you guys are watching A Playful Kiss?
Am I the only one noticing the Joongbo moments?
I mean, he was strumming Falling Slowly on his guitar.
What about the camping trip where it was suggested the loser spell their names with their butts?
Or the couple shirts that was worn on the recent episodes?
I know they're just coincidences. 
It probably doesn't mean a thing.
But you know what?
At least they serve as a reminder to him.
"Ahhh....I remember when I did this on WGM...."
It's great if they are together.
If not, he couldn't forget Hwangbo if he tried =p


fudgeorange said...

welcome meme!!! :P Thank you for helping SH. :) Great first (?) post! Thank you for saying something about that particular scene on Playful Kiss... Of all guitar pieces, why, oh why on earth would a 'genius' play "Falling Slowly?" when almost everybody associated this to his (the actor's) stint on WGM-- well, I guess only the ssangchu fans kept this song closer to their hearts...the genius could've played canon in D, or "Romance" or anything except the piece that was closely associated to a previous show. Take note: not only was the piece show-related, but it was also a "special event" related-piece - that went hand-in-hand with a bunch of paper cranes..a post-birthday celebration gift.:P I'm not saying that he shouldn't play it again or whatever, but... you know...what came with that song was a memory... a farm memory...

I agree with you - they were reminders (unless he had amnesia, lol) I don't know with men... but if I were to empathize with him.. I'd be like..."is this cosmic?are my thoughts attracting these things related to her.."

C'mon if these weren't enough, the co-actresses had connections with buin too. even the directors' names (hwang & kim). hahaha! coincidences?!? ;)

background music: "Always something there to remind me" by Naked Eyes

fudgeorange said...

Strange -- the song that came to mind earlier... had this music video theme... hahaha

Lil' Sue said...

Hmm...I havent watched the series due to my superbusy schedule but I keep myself updated on the latest news....I'm agree with Fudgeorange..WHY , WHY on earth they choose FALLING SLOWLY????.. Am I rite saying this? Coz I din watch the series yet??? I heard the rumours before but I just feel that everyone knew the song related to Buin...and always close to Sangchoo (Joongbo) fans. I dunno...BUT...I feel this is bit weird...Instead of finding fresh ideas about the series...I cannot stop YYing on the selection of scene and song...It just my thought..

Anonymous said...

My sentiments are the same. I feel WGM was a biggie in his life apart from SS501. It seems whether it's for some drama or his concerts he does something memorable from WGM. If those sentiments didn't have meaning in his life, why bother, right?
I'm happy he's improved with the acting. As for the intimate parts of acting, I guess we have to get use to them, since it's the profession he has chosen.

JoongBo fighting/To The World 2012

Anonymous said...

oOO..the MK kissings..should make it less so that they are more meaningful just like Oh My Lady.Too many cook spoil the soup,too many kisses,you'll get disease..kikikik.

Anonymous said...

maybe WGM give him "big shock" just like HB said in ep. 28:
"a big shock when you're young won't be forgotten"... ^^

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment that in the BTS of Boys Over Flowers, he was strumming Falling Slowly and was so concentrated on it that he forgot to say his line thus causing an NG.
I'm sorry... I was trying to find it but I can't find the clip on Youtube T_T

Anonymous said...

OMG really Anon? can u please find us the link. i haven't heard about this before. I really want to see it myself.

babypam_08 said...

Yes, I heard about that too. Plus the Yalaphontai BTS in BOF. I think SH posted it here. Help SH? End our misery hehe! I couldn't agree more Meme! He won't be able to forget with all these reminders. :p

@fudgeorange You said it! Cosmic! I just can't believe all the signs, circumstances or people that connect them. You can't run away from fate hehe!

=p said...

@fudgeorange thanks for the warm welcome =p

@anonymous I'm pretty sure Sh has the clips somewhere on the site. I distinctly remember seeing it here.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy if he can have contact her directly as a gentleman,don't worry to lose popularity because the modern world now still appreciate you as a star or celebrity whether you've gf,bf or married..we're all normal human beings..esp if the one beside you is sent by god,blessed by many fans around the world n you LUV her..carry on good luck.

Anonymous said...

Because I couldn't find "falling slowly" behind the scenes i got "Bogoshipda" for all of you to enjoy!