Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Joongbo fans....

Playful Kiss started its run with a rough start but as the end nears, the numbers of online and international fans have skyrocketed.  Much of that “mania” fan base is due to the two charismatic leads, Jung So-min and Kim Hyun-joong.   Jung plays the sweet bubbly Oh Ha-ni while KHJ plays the stoic Bak Seung-Jo.   Audiences from all over eagerly await every week for the progression of Oh Ha-ni and Bak Seung-jo’s cute love story. 

Those that were so disappointed with KHJ’s previous acting abilities on Boys Over Flowers were pleasantly surprised.  One could actually see his growth as an actor in Playful Kiss.  

I’m a huge KHJ fan because of WGM.  His chemistry and honesty with Hwangbo was what impressed me.  Because of that, I watched BOF until the bitter end.  There was a lot of disappointment on my side because BOF was what separated them and in the end he was only decent in it.  However, because of his good looks and his “Ji-hoo” character many people became curious about KHJ and in turn they discovered JOONGBO. For that I am thankful.  The same could be said about Playful Kiss. Because his acting has improved, KHJ has gained more fans, which means his new fans will have exposure of the JOONGBO love!!! That means many more people will exposed to Hwangbo's greatness and that is always a great thing!!!

Btw, many of you know I'm helping out this month because SH has a hectic schedule, but I really want to use this opportunity to thank SH for making it so easy to be a SSanchu couple fan.  There were many times when I couldn't find an episode or when one was not working....I could always depend on her for updated posts and videos!!!  Even when she is busy...she will still make time to update (as you can see)!! Thanks SH =p


fudgeorange said...

Hi :P :) "Because his acting has improved, KHJ has gained more fans, which means his new fans will have exposure of the JOONGBO love!!!" -
I guess this POV kinda gave a boost to ssangchu couple's followers...

and suddenly this song crossed my mind - Maroon 5's Sunday Morning:

"But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
Sunday morning rain is falling and I'm calling out to you
Singing someday it'll bring me back to you
Find a way to bring myself back home to you"

Anonymous said...

The one kissing in the MK is not HJ but BSJ.He already said goodbye Jihoo, goodbye the one in front of him in the picture did he say good bye? NO..DON'T LOSE ME..

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Meme T__T *heart*
Why do you do this to me so early in the morning?? xD ..thank you ^^

meme =p said...

@fudgeorange-that song fits the Ssangchu couple well, doesn't it.

@SH-hey you needed to know =p

Ly said...

Girls!! seriously I have to say "thanks" for many many time I liked JoongBo Couple, but I hadn´t found a good blog about them... until now.
Really I hope that more and more people can know more about Ssangchu couple.
Thank ypu for effort put in this blog everyday.


Anonymous said...

Hi girls, just wanna say that I really like your blog, got so many information of our dearly couple.
Thanks a lot for your hard work.

Never lose faith!!

Anonymous said...

@ SH or meme, I have no idea how to contact you guys except through here...
anyway, I hope you can take a look at this

Around 4:14-4:16, and thereafter. I've seen KHJ interviews and the like and I've never seen him fiddling with his accessories, but this ring on his right hand index finger he fiddles with. he also has another ring on his left hand... and it sort of looks like the SCR everyone always talks about.

meme =p said...

@anon thanks for letting us know. I haven't seen this video. I know he has the SCR but I just don't know if it is just a coincidence or if it's a couple ring =p However, I haven't seen him wear the ring in it gives me hope.

Btw, if you need to contact me, you can reach me at

and I think you can contact SH at

Anonymous said...

thankes, emails noted. :)
as for the scr rings, i prefer leaving it up in the air. so i accept it as circumstantial evidence that they influence each other a lot. not necessarily as couple rings (they do have couple watches in WGM, btw).
On the mere fact that korean celebs usually get accessories that are hot off the press, and considering the SCR rings came out 2003, and they both got the rings 2008, screams a bit coincidental to me.