Monday, October 25, 2010

Hyunjoong's Letter During Goodbye Baek Seung Jo Fanmeeting

He made me cry reading this.. Hyunjoong really learned a lot from the past years... I'm glad he's trying to find himself, and is willing to open up and not go through difficult times alone anymore. T_T Hwaiting!
My first drama as a leading actor …
there were some noise here and there… but
because you, my fans, were there supporting me,
I did not despair,
but was able to finish everything well ~~~ ^^

Ummm… so many rumours, unproven baseless news reports..
even then… not listening to or watching at any of those,
but only looking at me, with such patience,
you waited for today.
To you…
I’d first like to say thank you.

I am like this..
I do not wish to give you
an unreasonable but just wishful waiting..

So.. when things got more settled
I wanted to tell you about details.
I am sorry about letting you know
my tidied thoughts this late.

The thoughts were this…
be optimistic, be round and round..

While shooting the drama
I knew that you worried about
the rating,
but I think I have overcome a very important crisis
with “Mischievous Kiss”…

while living as Baek Seung Jo, not as me…

Though I am not such a genius one,
but just like Baek Seung Jo had inner struggles
without talking about them with others,
I, too, was trying to solve difficulties

while struggling like that myself,
I saw this line
“have fun myself, give happiness to others”
thanks to this line
I’ve had a deep thoughts.

So I, Kim Hyun Joong, too
want to try to live having more fun..

If I meet difficulty and hard time,
I can communicate with, and talk to my fans…
I am not that such a mysterious guy, right? ㅋ

I realized that
I myself was also obsessed about the results
so I corrected it…

In the past
I was perhaps like… pretending to live a fun life.
From now on, I want to try my best
admit the result as result
and will not live in denial.
I want to live like that.

There is a challenge to me
in the near future:
the first solo slbum ^^
I will really try my best
and I will give you lots of fun.

During August, September, and October 2010,
you watched over me.

In 2011,
I will come back successfully, so that
I can watch over you. *^^*

Thank you for watching this drama happily
during last three months.

Take care…
and wrap up your year 2010 well ^^

From today
I regard you as my family members ^o^

See you~~~ ^^

October 21, 2010
At the last episode of “Mischievous Kiss”

Your leader Hyun Joong…. ^^

Translated by: 별

Original Letter:

나의 첫 번째 드라마 주연….
말도 많았지만
팬 여러분들이 보내주시는
성원 덕분에 좌절하지 않고
열심히 잘~~~ 마무리 했던 거 같아요^^

음… 수많은 루머, 확인 안 된 기사들..
아무것도 듣지도 보지도 않고
오로지 나만 바라봐주면서
참고 오늘을 기다려주신
일단 감사의 말씀을 전하고 싶네요..

전 그래요..
말도 안 되는 허황된…
기약 없는 기다림이란 거 주기 싫어요..

그래서 어느 정도
정리가 되고 나면
그때 정확한 말씀을 드리려고 했던 건데
이렇게 입장이 늦어서 죄송해요.

결국 정리가 된 것이
긍정적으로 둥글게 둥글게 라는 거에요.

이 드라마를 하면서
시청률 때문에
걱정을 많이 하는 분들도 계셨지만
전 오히려 중요한 고비를
“장난스런 키스”와 넘긴 것 같아요.

내가 아닌 백승조로 살면서…

물론 내가 천재는 아니지만
백승조처럼 남들에게 말 못할 고민들을
혼자 끙끙 앓으면서
어떻게든 해결해 보려고
그랬던 것 같아요…

그런 고민들을 하고 있을 때
“나는 재밌고 남은 행복하게” 란
대사를 봤는데
그 대사 덕에
많은 생각을 하게 되었어요.

그래서 나 김현중도
좀 더 재밌게 살아보려구요..

힘든 게 있으면
팬분들과 소통하면서 얘기도 좀 하고..
내가 그렇게 신비주의는 아니잖아요?ㅋ

내 자신도 많이
결과주의적 사람이었다는 걸
깨닫고 반성했어요…

전에는 그냥
재미있게 사는 척이었던 것 같아요.
이제 최선을 다하고
결과는 인정하며
그 결과를 부정하지 않는
그런 사람이 되고 싶어요..

앞으로 저에게는
첫 솔로앨범이라는 도전이 있어요^^
정말 열심히 해서
재미있게 해줄게요.

2010년 8, 9, 10월은
여러분이 나를 지켜줬으니까

2011년은 내가 지켜줄 수 있게
멋지게 돌아오겠습니다. *^^*

3개월 동안
재미있게 봐주셔서 감사합니다.

2010년 마무리 잘 하시구요^^

오늘부터 당신들을
가족처럼 생각할께요^ㅇ^

See you~~~^^

2010년 10월 21일
“장난스런 키스” 마지막회에서


meme =p said...

"If I meet difficulty and hard time,
I can communicate with, and talk to my fans…"

This reminds me of the advice he gave Hwangbo on Mt. Halla...not to try to endure everything on her own...

The letter sounded so sad yet so optimistic!!

Thanks SH...heard about the letter but I've been so busy I didnt get a chance to look it up!!

Anonymous said...

sh, "by living as Baek Seong Joo,NOT as me".We understand him always because the real him is just the opposite of the character.He even shy to watch HB doing the aegyo or writing his name with her butt.He didn't say like that after wgm.To me he was and still is a wonderful"shillang" character who stole the heart of many women around the world.TO THE WORLD!

Anonymous said...

while reading his letter, I really feel the hard time that he facing that time but its good to know that he worked hard and doing his best... shillang, always remember that we are here to support and love you "FOREVER" FIGHTING!!


Anonymous said...

He will be working for HIS solo album, didnt even mention working for the SS501 album. I thought SS will comeback next year as announced by HJB?

Anonymous said...

"by living as BSJ, NOT as me" -> that's why he had Goodbye BSJ event. he claimed that he wasn't Yoon Ji Hoo which led to Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo event. He never had goodbye shilang event and never said that shilang was't him

Anonymous said...

interesting. those 3 months he spent with his PK family, he learned a lot. He learned to take care of himself amidst busy schedule. Learned how to interact well with new found friends (see his offcam interaction w/ JSM & co).because he's now an actor thus the idea of taking Broadcasting & Arts in a UNI. & now this...a newfound inspiration about living a life.
no wonder he had fun filming PK.

Anonymous said...

@ 2nd to the last anonymous

liked what you said. he had Goodbye yoon ji hoo event and then goodbye BSJ. But he never had goodbye shillang. it's because, he's not acting in wgm that's why he never had to say goodbye to that character. hope i made sense. ^^,

"From now on, I want to try my best
admit the result as result
and will not live in denial."

when i read this, i thought of HB. hehehe.i don't know why. does that mean he's been living in denial for the past years? about what. my crazy thinking. (^_^)