Saturday, October 2, 2010

We Have A New Author + Blog Layout Update

Excitemenntntntntntntnttttt WOOHOOO!!

I have posted before that I needed help for the blog, because as much as I want to be extra contagious.. I haven't been spreading Joongbo fever enough since my Fall semester started.. :( Byane everyone.. ;___;

Today I am very glad to announce that Ssangchu Heaven will have its first guest blogger for the month of October!!! (I dunno why, but I have this urge to just call it, Vegetable of the Month, and they can pick the vegetable xDDD ahh I crack myself up.. oh well xD) Anyways, as a guest blogger, Meme will post anything and everything that she wants! Hehe~ I'm so excited!!!!! *w*~~

[If you guys would wish to be the next guest blogger please email me at Thank you so much!]

..and here she is!!

To the world...
SH is extremely busy this month but don't worry she has not forgotten about all those who depend on her for daily spazzes. She has asked me, "just sayin" to help out this month. Don't fret, she'll be back soon enough but until then I'll try not to make her look bad!!!
If Meme is okay to be a vagetable for Vegetable of the Month,
then can it be possible if everyone call me Miss Coconut? lol
(but is coconut a vegetable? o.o)


On another note, I told before that I will be changing the layout again, since I know this has been up for a long time.. I did pay 4 artists to draw banners again, and they are finished!! o.o;;

But I don't know which one to use now since I'm behind T___T byane again...

So please help me, which banner do you like the best? Or do you have another idea in mind? Tell me, okieee? :D

This one I ordered when a lot of Joongboers were upset of the Brian and Buin prom pic..
and I thought maybe if Hyunjoong was there haha!

This was one supposed to be for the summer layout ;___;
Ssangchu Family at the beach!

This one was also for summer ;___;
Piggyback ride

This one was scheduled for Halloween and I wanted to make the blog look creepy hahaha!
Ssangchu Couple Trick or Treat!

There's another one for December! Ayayayy!!
Do help me in deciding!! and if you didn't like anything, tell me too,
coz I value your opinion very much!! :)



=p said...

Well, Miss Coconut (this will take some getting use to =p) I really do like the summer one.and the Halloween looks cute not so much creepy!!

Kimmie said...

I love the beach one xD

Ssangchu Heaven said...

=p; coconut does sound a bit weird now that i think about it lol

haha for the beach one i asked for so many details xDD

and ohh~ i thought it was kinda creepy.. maybe because of the eyes? haha

kimmie; woot! thank you!!! 2 points for the beach!

joongbofan2 said...

Miss Coco...(LOL)..I would like to welcome Meme as your blogger of the month.

I like the piggy back ride but the Halloween one seems fitting for the month of October. Can't wait to see what you have for the month of December.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Haha!! I think I will stick to SH. xD

and I just googled if coconut is a vegetable.. a nut or a fruit. and I am still confused lol

ahh~~ okiedokiee! 1 point for halloween!

Anonymous said...

hurmmm...i still love the old one but the beach is quite ok..

Anonymous said...

i like no.3 and 4... can't choose ^^

Anonymous said...

I like the first one .. ^^

=p said...

@SH I actually like the summer-piggy back ride one...

Hwangbo's boobaliciousness was too distracting in the beach one =p

@joongbofan2 thanks much for welcoming me the blog!!

fudgeorange said...

@SH: lol, coconut is a fruit. I thought you're cucumber. you always mention cucumber... but is cucumber a fruit or a veggie?

Re: banner votes
#1. current ssangchu banner - yaniko's (uniquely ssangchu)
#2. piggyback
#3. beach family (but....)/ halloween/
#4. the other one..

@=P hahahaha "boobaliciousness"-whatta term! hahaha

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting....I like the prom, I think they are cute and my second best is the piggy back ride, just because of MK.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I love this site because I can learn many new words that I can't find in the dictionary..but we ssangchuers can understand..and really..those terms made this blog lively and interesting.

babypam_08 said...

I love the Halloween one! It's timely for October. Besides, the bear costume of Shillang was one of their memorable dates. It was an overseas date in Japan. We also alwas refer to Buin as Angel. Pls choose this one SH haha! Besides, it's really cute! If we can just put it at the either the right or left side for it to be more banner like. Nothing beats your 1st banner though. That brings back a lot of Joongbo memories. I really miss them.

@meme Are you Filipino? Boobalicious sounds like what Pinoys would come up with haha! Anyway, I had the same opinion. The boobs are distracting. Besides Buin would always reveal her legs or abs but not her cleavage hehe!

Again, let it be the Halloween please SH haha! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

SH, OMO! your list of the next lay out are really cute :))) but the Piggy back ride is the one like.


Anonymous said...

I have also noted what you have listed above and the first time i listened to the melody of falling slowly in this drama, i was screaming out! They will never forger each other, i bet!

=p said...

@fudgeorange that was the only word that came to mind =p I thought it summed the picture up well.

@babypam_08 I'm actually a mutt...part vietnamese/chinese =p

@anonymous yes, and this is not the first time we heard it...he played it on bts clips of BOF. Like I said, he can't forget her if he tried.

fudgeorange said...

@:P LOL. I kinda noticed that too...a bit distracting--the kids might still ask for milk...haha!

lizhijia said...

like the fourth one!! XD

reminds me when HB said to HJ, "it is impossible to find such a kind and pretty woman in this whole earth!"

then HJ said, "There is one in here!"

(or sorta like that)... the picture showed the angelic/kind face of buin... :D

*but why a teddy for HJ?*

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