Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong Attending Chungwoon University Next Year?

Credits : Kim HyunJoong Eternity + SS601+ xiaochu

Kim HyunJoong will be attending ChungWoon University at HongSung next year..
He will be attending the college of Broadcasting & Arts.

@oiwizi DaeBak. I'm not gonna graduate...I'm going back to school!! It is Professor Park doing it!! RT @Nus_Johc: Kim HyunJoong meeting at concert hall Heard Kim HyunJoong will be joining our faculty next year? keke So he's my junior??
University website :


Anonymous said...

Kim Hyun Joong, we Ssangchuers pray for your success in all your undertakings.Because of you and your 'partner" we had become family here.We are here to support you especially when you're down emotionally.

Ansuh said...

Yes we are one family
Just like that
bonded by you n her:)

Maybe Shillang had a struck right after finishing shooting PK
he realized how important it is for us to have knowledge
So for those lazy joongboers
Shillang has made her move
Buin is doing veryyyy well in her carrier
let's grab all the possible stars
I least this gives me a little bit of a push to start opening my biology n chemistry boookk:]