Sunday, October 3, 2010

Joongbo Couple Episode Cuts - Download Links

Finally, neh? xDDD

Like I have shared in the chatbox, I found where I have saved the cuts I have used for dailymotion!! WOOHOOOO!!!

You don't have to settle for my dailymotion links anymore xDD, now you can have high quality ssangchu cuts of your own!!! Great for times when you don't have internet!!! hehehe~

I will first upload them on Mediafire, because I made a promise to a Japanese reader that I will! :) Sorry it took long!! and this will be also good for Joongboers from different countries who have said they weren't able to download successfully using Megaupload ^^ (MU fans don't worry I will upload on MU too ^^)

[..and don't worry about synching subtitles,
I have already hardsubbed them, so they are ready for viewing hehe~]

I will properly organize this post later, but as of now here is my Mediafire folder:

If you wish to have a particular episode uploaded first, don't hesitate to tell me :)
If not, I will go by order hehehe~


babypam_08 said...

Thank you so much SH! A lot of people have been looking for this. The ones on YT have been removed. New Joongboers, welcome and spread the Joongbo love! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!! XD


Anonymous said...

SH you are the AWESOMEST...we love you. Thank you (keeps bowing) and that isn't enough.....

Anonymous said...

SH, thank you so much, now I can download all the episodes and save it.. love you :D


Anonymous said...

omaigod thank u so much!!but is it all the episodes???need the last epi badly...;D

Hillary said...

OMG... this is best news of the month hehe. I have been struggling for days with dailymotion, trying to download Joongbo collection. Thanks a lot for sharing! <333333

Ssangchu Heaven said...

babypam; hihi! spread the joongbo fever!!

calla; you're welcome ^^

anonymous; waa~~ it's nothing! anything for you guys and ssangchu couple!!

leiron; <3 2! and yes you can!

anonymous; you need the last episode? okay i'll upload it next ^^

hillary; hahaha! dailymotion is safe for uploaders but very slow lol

and no problem!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

wow thank you so much :x but I really want to watch the last episodes from 35 to 38 >"<. could you help me please?

Anonymous said...

hi sh! thank you so much!
are these all the episodes? i've been dying to have one of my own. you're heaven sent!

Anonymous said...

sh, it doesn't matter in which order as long as joongbo cuts will be uploaded. thank u, thank you, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

please upload other joongbo episodes... I want to upload their cuts... So far, I have uploaded all 6 that you've shared...pls.Thanks! :)

ystnsh said...

SH, I've been looking for Joongbo episodes with good resolution. Thank you so much for the upload. Waiting eagerly for other episodes.

", said...

WE owe you big

Anonymous said...

SH sory to bother u....but i need the other epi so badly~ T T
just recently become a joongboer hehehe...

hi,,! its me,,!! xD said...

hello,!! im jongbo fan until now, :) where can i download the episode,??? O.o i cant see any link here, sorry, :)
but please do tell me, i wana know, :) thank ya, :)

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for Jonngbo couple cuts for so long Godddd. Thank you so much. I really feel in love with them a few years back. Hwangbo and Kim were the best!!!!
Thank you again \(^3^)/

Melisha said...

I'm sorry if I sound stupid, but where is the links? O_o
I've opened the mediafire folder link given, bit it only contains a few episodes and not completed..
can somebody help me please?? I'm a new joongbo lover, and I've been searching like crazy for non MU links (I always have trouble downloading from MU or watching from dailymotion)..
Did SH give out the links for mediafire already? Where can I find it?
If anyone can help me, I would be really grateful ^^