Wednesday, October 27, 2010

until then.

I was surfing the internet on my down time and ran into a few articles on Jonghyun of SHINee and his new girlfriend, Shin Se Kyung.  It was reported that she had to close her Cyworld mini homepage because she was getting so many hateful messages. I was hurting for the poor girl as I was reading some of the comments, so I can only imagine what it felt like to be her.  It’s scary how much power a fan can have, how deadly the weight of words can be to a person.

It’s kind of sad that most celebrities have to lead these lives dictated by hectic schedules, managing companies, and die hard fans.  How often do they get to choose what they want?  Look at Se7en and Park Han Byul, they hid their relationship for seven years and when it went public, he lost thousands of fans and she was continually harassed.

KHJ said several times on interviews and shows like Come To Play that he doesn’t believe in the impossible love.  To him, whether your parents don’t agree with your choices or there are differences in age and background, if you love someone enough, you’ll find a way to be with them and protect them.  A form of love is protecting the one you care about.  It was also on Come To Play when it was revealed that he left a message on his website asking his fans not to be hurtful to Hwangbo during WGM. 

Yes, like many of you here, I want them together.  It use to drive me bonkers wishing for it.  But now, I’m pretty content.  It seems like they do know what they are doing.  Whether they are hiding it so no one gets hurt in the crossfire or they’re not together because they fear the repercussions, the fact is, they’re both doing very well right now.   She’s on several different shows and is about to drop her new album and he just successfully finished up a “mania” drama.  Now...imagine if something broke out at the height of both their careers.  It wouldn't be pretty.

Like KHJ said, there is no impossible love.  Maybe one day, when it’s more "acceptable", we will get the news we seek for.  Until then, let’s give them our support.


bic215 said...

I think it's scary too. If you watch Come to Play he said that if he loves someone enough the fans couldn't stop him. But then the female host asked him what about hwangbo and I think that made him think. I think the repercussion would be worst for her then it would be for him. Don't you think? Hwangbo would actually get the worst end of the stick.

meme looks like uou can't get enough of the ssangchu heaven. I'm glad you are still helping out.

Kenji said...

As a joongbo fan I can see that no matter how much I want them to broadcast that they are together it would still be difficult. What happened to shin se kyung and jonghyun could easily have happened to KHJ and HB if they did get together. Maybe that's why they don't say that they don't communicate with each other so that anti-fans wouldn't have a go at their relationship.

For an entertainer image is everything for them. Anti-fans tend to destroy that image just because of their lack of time to mature their own thoughts.

You're right it is better for them to be like this -for now- hope that one day if they do say it people will accept them so we have to stand firm and support them

And because I really want to see some gorgeous ssangchu kids. LOL.

And if one of them announce of any marriage to other people well we still have to support their decision because that's what being a fan is, right?

Even if we don't like it we shouldn't hate them for it. They're still individuals that have a right to do what they please and we fans have to respect that.

LvKprogram said...

Speaking from experience... I do strongly believe there is no impossible love.

But it’s up to two parties involved (HJ & HB). They have be strong and not sway by their parents/sibling and friends. Korean society is not ready for relationship between older woman and younger men... especially 6 yrs difference.

Hope one day, HB & HJ can change that. Like meme say..until then, we the fan of our Joongbo lets give them our support!

Anonymous said...

dun know y but i hav dis strong feelings dat they are waiting 4 each other..perhaps they promised to meet each other back after 3 years(promises at mt halla) n after they have achieved wat they want in their life??

ah!! they really have secret behind all this..its impossible for them not to be atleast friend after all the promises they made in wgm tho? even buin is closed wif y cant shillang?
really do hope that they will be happy together..but if they still cant b together..i just hope that they can b fren n be happy wif their love..that is~ T___T


Q said...

Sorry but isn't it possible that those two just aren't in love with each other? I mean they look great together and they were so cute in WGM. But you guys are like: they totally love each other but can't be together... Maybe it's just not true. People are totally going to hate me for saying this, but it's not meant to be mean!

LvKprogram said...

Q said... no we don't hate you speaking what's in your mind.

But if they are not together...why are they avoiding & never mention about each other when they are asked by MCs. Remember...HB has a 8 yrs relationship no one knew about except clostest friend.

So anything is possible right^^

Anonymous said...

meme....i couldn't agree with you more. What you wrote is well thought out. It appears there are many consequences to being a star. If one is a popular star, sad to say, but it seems the fans control your life. They either break you or make you. As much as KHJ doesn't want to believe or accept it, I think he's beginning to realize it now. KHJ doesn't seem the type to have his life in constraint. Don't know how long his contract is with Keyeast. But I think he will make as much money while he can, and then maybe go a different route. I just think he'll begin to realize again, how much he wanted to have a family.

meme =p said...

@Q Don't worry your opinion is a sound one. They simply may not have those feeling for each other, which is perfectly fine. I think what bothers everyone is that they don't even contact each other. Maybe they know that any contact regardless if its friendwise or not will encourage anti's, so therefore they just don't.

And do fans have that much power over who can be friends with who..? That's what I meant by this posting.

I would hope that the fans here can deal with your thoughts. I mean how different would they be from the bad fans if they got upset with you.

meme =p said...
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Liv17 said...

@Q, please don't feel the need to apologize for stating your opinion. we can speculate all we want but at the end of the day, the truth is really all up to them.

don't get me wrong, i really love these two together. i think what they had was pretty special. so special that i'm still awed by it, 2 years later.

but is it special enough FOR THEM to risk everything that they've worked so hard for? it is special enough to fight against all the odds? we'll never know.

when i think about what SSK and Han Byul are going through, i can't help but feel angry. i get it, they dating idols so most of their fans are girls -- but why is it that the woman always gets the blame??!! why?!!

and i had to pause and give myself a reality check too. if you look at it from HB's side, if they are indeed not together, how burdensome is it to be constantly reminded by something that you did 2 years ago? to be asked by the same questions over and over again even if you've already stated your case? even more, when people insist that you are secretly together? because let's face it, she's mostly the one who's getting the questions, rarely do i hear it for KHJ.

i don't know, just something that i've been thinking about lately.

Anonymous said...

Well said meme. I didnt know how Idol world is in Korea until I knew of BoF, KHJ then SS501. I live in Canada but grew up in the Philippines. I dont remember our so called "idols" having the same dilemna as the idols in Korea. As far as I know, they do deny their relationships at first but later on come out in the open about it. Fans should realize that idols or not, we all deserve to give love and receive love. It makes the world we live in so much more better. And these so called fans should also have a reality check, our IDOLS will never be our boyfriends or husbands in real life. I'd rather they have a girlfriend than later find out they're gay. Not that being gay is bad, but if people can be themselves without thinking of a backlash, then wouldnt that be good? Sorry for the long post. :) IHeartKHJ

J.J. said...

Relevant song is Relevant.

I had written an essay about Joongbo and/or Jung SoMin/Kim HyunJoong in OcKoala using this song.

A throw back. Oddly enough I've been listening to this song in my iPod.
"How To Deal" by Frankie J

Lyrics provided:

irst Verse:

Sometimes a man has to choose
And do something he doesnt wanna do
Do i live my life with you as my wife?
Or do i go on and pursue my lifetime dream?
i gotta do this for me
Cuz if I dont I'll probably regret it
But if I do I'll probably regret it
How do I cope?

How do you cope when
the one you love is with somebody else
And theres nothin you can do about it
How do you deal with
The fact that you had a chance
But you chose to turn away for your career
I gotta take it though its heartbreakin
Its somethin that I had to do
But nobody said that it would hurt so bad
So how do I live..
How do I deal without you

Second Verse:
Its killing me to know
That your heart's with me
But you're with him cuz I chose to be
In this industry
Money, shows and hoes come along with
Luxury and pain
Is all you see when you think about it
But this is the life
That I was given
So i have to live it to the fullest
But how do I deal in the meantime
Without you


</3 Frankie J:
How do you deal when
you can't be with the one you love
And the one that you love is with somebody else
(I don't know, I don't know)
And what do you do
when you know she don't love him
and she loves me but she just can't stand loving you far away
(I guess I'm gonna have to just)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want to have to live with it)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(no, no, no)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want nobody else loving you)
You just deal with it, deal with it
(I don't want nobody else loving me)

I just wanted to mention I am by no means shipping either/or I'm just making a statement on how I feel a) on the supposed "real life coupling" of HB/HJ b) the debachel with fans concerning Se7en/Park Han Byeol and the newest couple (dude from Shinee... sorry, forgot the name already...)

Anonymous said...

HJ once mentioned he did not keep in contact with ex-gf. So probably they dated but they broke up. That explains why they don't talk or do same shows.

Husna said...

I like the last paragraph of what you wrote

Let's SUPPORT them and believe

joongbo lover said...

meme kept up this wonderful work!
i also read all the news about the new couple & think about ssangchu couple.
reality is really harsh sometimes.
no matter what..i want to keep in believing

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Difficult time for both... I checked nate earlier, there's thousands added on her anti-fanclub ^^;;

I really don't want to comment on this matter yet though, because I want to see and hear Jonghyun, himself, telling that they're dating.. This morning I only saw paparazzi pics, and an article..

but the damage is already done.. I really feel bad for Se Kyung..

To think that Shin Se Kyung is a very popular celebrity right now.. and still to be bashed like this.. It's just wrong! Terribly wrong..

Anonymous said...

I don't mind at all who they choose to be their 'partner' in real life.Whether they live for love or for image sake or trendy or sacrificial but if they really don't have any connections why do we always see similar,almost similar belongings.Either they are connection in silence or they really have the same taste in their minds or they have telephaty..which is very good!

Anonymous said...

hahaha I think this thing only happen in korea?To love someone is beautiful and giving inspiration in life..old or young have the same feeling.If idols cannot fall in love,is it really included in the contract? If its not included in the contract ,why worry,be honest to yourself, educate the public about humanitarian..hhmmm.

Anonymous said...

I think those anti-fans should be ashamed of themselves. They should be happy that their idols have found love. We all need to find our partners in life.

kitty said...

@ J.J. :

HEY j.j.!! hope this helps you out.. she did say something to KHJ ( but i'm not exactly sure if this is what you are referring to..) it was on the episode before they went to jeju island ( ssangchu episode 29 )..their last night together, after playing the game, Hwangbo was feeding him a chicken dish, and they were talking about the stress of work, and KHJ opened up and Hwangbo said : dont be stressed, if you're tired, lean on your wife, i'll be ready 365 days, 24 hours a day.."

hmmnn.. i hope that was a bit helpful.. but i'm pretty sure that the scene that you're looking for.. if this isn't it.. was just between KHJ and Hwang Bo.

(sorry, if i'm not making anymore sense because i'm a little sleepy already.. kekeke..)

Anonymous said...

Hateful words towards others is a reflection if who you are inside. It's a sad reality in todays' society that this is being encouraged. I know that maybe these are young immature fans, who's bored and got nothing better to do or thinkgs it would be funny to do such things. It is the cyber bullying geared towards celebrities in S.K. But Cyworld, Nate .. and the others have a way of blocking these "anti-fans" that are spewing hate in their sites. Facebook does it if u report it.

J.J. said...

@ Kitty, thank you! I'll go ahead and take a look with my sister to confirm if thats the one she meant. You can message me on soompi
J.J. if you have one and I'll reply back with a present :)

Anonymous said...

the claws of rabid they set the tempo in which to break or to make?
with KHJ's massive popularity it'll be a great miracle if his rumoured gf/s can get away unscathed. They'll eat her alive...see Perfects reaction against HB? and that was only in a show *shudder*

J.J. said...

i think someone has to openly call out their behaviour one day before they begin a backlash. No one has ever done that before, instead they always kinda just lay low and cower/hope for the best. I think its kind of like flicking a barking dog's snout to get it to quiet down or hitting a shark's snout when its about to attack. No one has stood up and said "you're faction is nonesensical" or "are you really fans? Why are you missing the point?" netizens call the denizens crazy but NO ONE HAS ADDRESSED the issue. And i think thats what gets me upset the most wen they deal/dont deal with these tyrannical factions.↲Sorry i'm more uset than i thought. Lol

meme =p said...

@J.J that song is very relevant. The lyrics are a little depressing too =/ I don't remember that song. I will have to look it up now! Thanks!
@husna & joongbo lover-thanks. Looks like i can't stay away =p

J.J. said...

@ Kitty, i can't contact you when i click on your blogger name T_T