Friday, October 8, 2010

Jungmin... Always Reminding Us About Joongbo

I was about to sleep but then I checked HJB's twitter..
that led me to looking at all SS501 member's tweets xD

and here comes our Mighty Mal Omma, making me go crazy by just a simple photo he tweeted.

"사랑 love 愛" 
(Love in Korean, English and Chinese)

Papercranes.. the star.. the hearts.. all these remind me of Joongbo!! T____T
(Of course these might be his fan mail, but then again, to me papercranes automatically mean joongbo. *w*
..and who can forget about Jungmin randomly humming "Get Hot" for Jia Jia records and making the To The World sign to Hyunjoong while they are on an interview? xD)


J.J. said...

To be honest, I've been folding Origami for over a decade (a fun activity to get me focused during car rides--Thanks Grandma) but never was I intent to do Origami again--especially the crane untl WGM. (Lets say a friend's wedding and mandatory folding by the entourage killed it for me) It made me change from grumpy when folding, to something special when I saw HJ making it for BUIN.

I still don't know what he means by "special way of folding" SERIOUSLY.

Anonymous said...

SH, whoever decorated his or her house with the paper cranes (believe love will come true and last for thousand years) and is that a pot of lemon tree?..The person is actually trying to send a message to somebody.Check the song "Lemon Tree by Fools Garden" with lyric..someone please I dreaming??

gotpaid said...

paper cranes also means joongbo for me lolz since i saw that episode

it's now in my "want" list, i want my future bf to do that for me too, sing a song and give me a thousand paper cranes :)

i'll be a joongbo fan forever! to the world!!! :)

i hope someday they'll both be rich enough that they won't have to hide their relationship for the sake of their careers

Anonymous said...

Aww! How cute! I still remember the episode where Jungmin acted like the mother-in-law when Hwangbo went to Japan! I miss those times.

babypam_08 said...

Like what people have been saying, Jungmin or mother in law is a Joongbo's number one fan. Love indeed! It's a great effort to fold 1000 paper cranes. I really love how Shillang would show how he cares in his own way. Same with Buin. She is a tough girl and yet is good in taking care of people. They're the perfect match really. Segyero!

me said...

aaaa~~~ this really drive me nuts!

I read a blog last night about JM-omma & his Get Hot dance on their promo (which seems to me, happened last year?) unfortunately, the clip was posted on YToube & now it was no longer there; me frustated but what to do (i know, old news >.<)

but now seeing this post - the paper cranes, the comments, the excitement... @_@~

aargh~~~*back to desperate mode*

i frantically searched everywhere but all the links lead only to the clip they shared on YT - which all seems have been deleted TT_TT

i'm dying to see that clip now!!!!
anyone? onegaishimasu~~~~ <3

thank you thank you thank you in advance :D

-late+new+desperate ssangchulover ^^