Tuesday, October 19, 2010

be nice.

After reading through yesterday’s comments, I realized that as many Joongbo fans as there are out there, there are just about as many anti- fans.  It was kind of a shocker to be honest.  I mean everyone I’ve introduced the “lettuce couple” to normally gravitate towards Joongboland.  Either they love them or they don’t but I’ve never really ran into anyone who hated the idea of them together.  Geez, was I in for a surprise yesterday or what?  To think, Tommy thinks I’m the nutcase.  I guess, I’ve never really understood what “anti-s” meant.  Now I know.  That website was quite educational, not only did I get a free lesson on "anti" but I also figured out what it meant to be a fan.

Fan: noun 1: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator
                  2: an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit)

No where in the definition does it include words such as belittling, contemptuous, decrying, degrading, demeaning, depreciative, disdainful, scornful, slighting, uncomplimentary, aspersing, defamatory, insulting, libelous, maligning, slandering, slanderous, vilifying, malevolent, malicious, spiteful. 

Sorry folks, if you’re guilty of the above, that no longer qualifies you as a fan.  As a fan, you should want what’s best for them, even if you don’t agree.  Coming up with lies and maligning another’s name, that’s just sad.  That site was a bit despicable.

I’m sure everyone here understands that Hwangbo/KHJ is entitled to their own pursuit of happiness.  Yes, we adore all things Joongbo.  Yes, we are a wishful group.  And yes, we want them together but surely we can support them apart.

I hope that as Joongbo fans, we respect that.  That’s what they deserve.  Let’s show the rest of the anti's how to be true fans.

*Btw, huge Se7en fan here.  I would love to suck the lips off his face.  Will I get to?  Hell no.  Have you seen his lady?  Hot stuff.  Sorry peeps...neither you nor I have a chance...so let's stop hating!!!  Same goes to the Hwangbo anti's.  Do you seriously think you can compete against her?  Umm, hell to the NO. Just sayin'


Hailey said...

Amen! Even though we have "wild fancies" at least no one gets hurt!!!

I enjoy reading your posts! They're real. Also I visited ur other blog. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

SH love ur videos and updates. Meme we like u too!

Ssangchudream said...

Because I want to procrastinate, I went to read the site that all of you are up in arms about and my first reaction was "How the hell did they understand what was written?" Not to be such a bitcess since I know not everyone is a native English speaker (nor am I) but what written in there was so confusing and convoluted that I had to re-read like 3 times to even decipher maybe 1/4 of what was said. And I'm not gonna lie, even the 1/4 of what I think I understand I'm unsure about b/c that was some confusing wordings.

It took me awhile to even figure out the "wild fancy party" = Joongboers, at which point I lol b/c that's kinda clever in a looly way.

To be fair to the person who wrote that, I do think there are tiny grains of truth in what they said. For example, the heavy scheduling period at the end probably made no one, including HJ himself, happy. That was a lot of pushing on everyone's energy especially for him who was in preparation for BOF as well. With that said, dude get to eat home made food, get to go to a scenic relaxing area with someone whose company he laughed in, so yeah, I really don't think HJ needed a gun pointed to his head to commit to the shoot.

And I agree with them also that after WGM, we should see HJ and HB as two separate identities unless they choose to link themselves together. They each have their own professional life, and I would think it's cumbersome for them to be keep on reminding of what they did two years ago. So I think it's cool that JB-ers have a lot of places they can travel in. They can visit places where HB and HJ themselves are celebrated individually and places like here where they are forever known as one name Joongbo.

So in conclusion, that place has the right to be restricting what could be said on their website, just like we have the right to think they're silly ass ppl =D

J.J. said...

@ SH and Meme, as I've aforementioned: I read this weeks ago and told my friend about it. I told her that it was (extremely) confusing, hurtful, and most definitely biased. So I left it alone. They're anti's, :shrugs: they're also allowed their piece even though they're not right...
English indeed wasn't their first language, and I think it would have faired their argument better if they wrote it in their native language (and left our minds at ignorant ease LOL). I'm just being objective.

Regardless, as I've also tried, but probably failed, to express before that though Joongbo is (PURE) awesome (WIN!) they're still individuals. We sometimes are guilty of making them one entity. This was also my deal when HJ was moving away to KeyEast and Triple S-ers were bawling (5 people as one, not one person as 5...)

As joongbo-ers, we should be exemplary fans. Supportive for joongbo, supportive for Hyunjoong, supportive for Hwangbo, and supportive even of those anti-fans who should also have the freedom to express themselves. Tolerance is not saying "okay" and letting it go; tolerance is understanding the other's difference and still maintaining one's beliefs.

des said...

@J.J. I left you a msg over at soompi. Did you get to see it? :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't finish reading the whole thing because i think they are too bias. But at the same time i give them credit that it's true that lots of pp knew WGM through BOF and that we are so popular that some of them turn to joongboers :) I still read alot of vids like "do not post in in WGM forum or site". when i see that, first i feel offended but then i feel happy because we are actually too popular for pp to be aware of.

on the site note: sorry to HJ but he really cannot act in BOF. I can't feel his love for the main actress. Compare to WGM, i fall in love with them right on the spot. The care, love and jealousy he showed in WGM makes me falls in love with them until now. joongboers fighting :)


Anonymous said...

I finally got smart and found the site. I actually had read the article before, some time back, I can't recall. I was just pissed that people could be so hateful, post just things on a site, and still think of themselves as fans. My conclusion to her article was, it's her own selfish intuition. It's a wonder some fans of HB are very protective of her, and sometimes wanting to protect her from KHJ and some of his idiot fans.
I'm Joongbo fan first, and then naturally I support them both in whatever projects they do.

Anonymous said...

i tried checking the site but i cannot find that article..but anyways,they are entitled to their opinion just like us. what i dont like is bashing other people, saying expletives and hurtful comments to other artist or fans...we can express ourselves but always be mindful of the golden rule..


J.J. said...

@ des, i just saw it! Sorry i was busy today and will also be tomorrow and thurs. XD

I'm glad you were inspired by my fb status. LOL

meme =p said...

@J.J. I agree with you whole heartedly. It's just hard to swallow some of the insults you know? At one point I was like..huh?? I respect everyones opinion I do...I don't mind that they're anti fans..I just had a problem with them stretching the truth. I just hope that Joongbo fans don't ever get to that level!

fudgeorange said...

@SH: hahahaha true, true!

@everyone: cool posts! haha, great!

J.J. said...

@ Meme, I know it's hard to swallow, but better to be persecuted and then vindicated than do the persecuting and having to be proven wrong. :)

I understand some Joongbo-ers *FEEL* much about the couple, but forget that it's TV, having been compiled, edited, and construed the way the production team wants it to be construed.