Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hwangbo Takes Pride In Her 52kg Body

Singer Hwang Bo has been catching a lot of attention, as she recently revealed her true weight of 52 kg.

Not long ago, Hwang Bo participated in the recording of MBC Every1's 'Children of the Night' with idol group, INFINITE. During the recording, they read out a fan letter that said, "Out of the skinny INFINITE members, I wish Seong Joong would gain more weight", and Seong Joong confirmed to everyone that his weight was indeed 52 kg.

Hwang Bo responded with, "Seong Joong is the exact same weight as me", surprising everyone with her sudden weight disclosure.

Usually, many female celebrities publicly claim that they are around 40 kg, but in the case of Hwang Bo, she proudly flaunts a toned, curvy body that is incomparable to other female celebrities.

She also recently uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini to her Twitter, and after the news of her true weight, the photo is receiving even more compliments from netizens.

Netizens expressed their envy with comments such as, "So what if she's 52 kg? A number is just a number. Hwang Bo is totally awesome", "Hwang Bo is truthful", "I'm 52 kg too, but why don't I look like Hwang Bo T_T". - Seoul Newspaper NTN, Allkpop

One word. HOT.


=p said...

Dang it....SH you gotta stop posting these hot pictures of her. She makes it look so easy.

Anonymous said...

She definitely is hot, especially during her GET HOT song debut, lol. She puts some of the younger girl
generation to shame, haha....
Really happy for all the exposure she's been getting lately. Maybe we (somehow) can thank the stations she's a participant in.


Lil' Sue said...

Super True!! She's Smokin' HaWT!!

babypam_08 said...

Have you guys seen pics of her in Thailand? Where she did a photoshoot for a mag? Buin was so hot there! She really has a small waist and big hips. So sexy!